Rough Wednesday plans…

Greetings to Wednesday.
PLEASE, those of you who HAVE not done this…. go to yesterday’s blog post- fill both surveys out!

Period 2: L to J (Go through each term if there are questions and concerns.)
Read Daddy Track and discuss the questions together.
You will then write a short blog post in the form of a funny letter of application in preparation for your final.
You will write your letter to your future 12 year old child persuading them to do their homework 2 nights a week.
If you do not think you will ever have kids write this to a special niece or nephew.
-Remember to make it funny, one page long and full

Period 3: Read Eleven together. MLA citations. Blog post on MLA citations.

Period 4/5:
Social Studies Review Information to prepare for final.
Social Studies 20 work period.
Remember this group needs to floor us and educate us on BIG topics within your region.
Movies, clips, videos and so on are extremely helpful in designing this page.


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