Alright crew.
Here is a comprehensive list of things to get done.
Work period will start weaning down as the end of the week approaches.
I will be doing some teaching and we have some presenting later in the week.
Below is a list of things to do.
I have created time for you so PLEASE PLEASE use it wisely.
Ensure the following is done in this order!

**Ty (To Kill a Mockingbird (tomorrow at lunch))
**Hannah (Independent Novel ESSAY)
**Delaine (Independent Novel Assignment)
**Complete these three surveys based on the program. One you will be Redoing (This is to compare old feelings to new ones.)
Be positive and remember how you see something is how you ‘see’ something. Remember we all know when we start something that improvements can be made. I will be working all semester to prepare for next semester’s SGMS group. We have done a lot and when we start to reflect we can appreciate the great things about an independent technology based learning style.
I want to continue to learn and grow from our experience together. This will help me do this. Please complete all three…. take your time.
Blogging and program overview:
Take Our Survey!

Specifically Blogging: (Round 2)
Take Our Survey!
**Make sure you have a solid understanding of To Kill a Mockingbird and that you have read the book.
(Watch the To Kill a Mockingbird movie even.)
**Make sure you have a solid understanding of Bordertown Cafe and that you have read the play.
(If you can find the video we will watch it as a class.)
**Make sure you have completed your Bordertown Interview
(Interview a character from the play. Remember to set the stage in today’s time.
Who is interviewing and why? Be sure to SPEAK and WRITE out your interview as your character would speak.)
**Make sure you have your initial photography showcase complete (The one we showed Miss Mushtaler and Chad.)
**Make sure you have your 15 practical photos in two days exam and that it is on a SOLO page and that you have TRIED and completed the Photography quiz. Jessie and I know it wasn’t working yesterday. Try again.
**Social Studies blog (3 events you think impacted the WORLD, CANADA and a prediction you have for 2012.)
This should be a well thought out complete response. It should be paragraphs long. I have viewed a few of them and many of you only wrote a few basic thoughts. Add links and maybe a video to prove your point. Those of you that have this done- maybe take some time to go over this and add a little more.
**Social Studies 27 questions. See recent post titled: Welcome back! 12 days to go. (This is crucial for your final.)
**Social Studies 20 Matching Assignment: Turn the following words into a matching quiz. (THESE WILL REAPPEAR (wink))
HabitatHomeostasisTechnologyScarcityEconomicsEconomic GrowthMaterialism
ProductionCapitalEconomies of ScalesPer Capita, Income, Stock
Non Renewable ResourcesRecyclable ResourcesSustainable Yield
Mining a ResourceCarrying CapacityBurden of ProofDialectics
Market Economy, Ecological Engineering
**Begin organizing your thoughts for Social Studies 20 Final
You have been given all the terminology that will be on the final. Study these.
1. Human Rights (United Nations, Declaration, NATO, how rights apply to animals and the environment.)
2. Population (Overpopulation, Resources, Non Renewable Resources and beyond)
3. Environment (Inconvenient Truth, Terminology, Sharkwater)
4/5. Wealth/Poverty/Governance (Aboriginal issues discussed in class, Canadian history and development of our government)
(Current events will fit into all. So will topics like corrupt trade- chocolate, diamonds)
**Final Presentation
Areas to ensure that are being written into your rubric:
Topic (Did what you chose engage and excite us!?)
Organization (Were you (and your group) prepared and was your presentation seamless?
Creativity (How did you make your presentation STAND out)
Technologies embraced (Did the technologies you used enhance your project?)
Video angles (Did your work stand out by using a variety of angles)
Extra (movie tickets, posters, album covers)
Sound (Did you include music, different tones, fluency?)
Overall Presentation (What feeling did you give the viewer when you left?)
Introduction to the presentation (Why did you chose to do what you did)
Eye Contact (When you were speaking and presenting did you know what you were doing?)
Facial Expressions (Did you engage us?)
Preparedness (Where you ready, prepared and was your intro/closing unique?)
Pride (Did you take pride in your work?)
Language used (Proper English and speaking skills fostered)
Completion to the presentation (What you learned- share this)
**Mini 1-3 minute Media Project to show the variety of angles.
Make this interesting. Make this unique. You have half a week of school left- have some fun.
YouTube is your oyster (beg, borrow- but don’t steal ideas)
**Re-read some of the English pieces to prepare yourself for the final.
There will be a question that asked you to refer to some:
Favourites like:
Warren Pryor
Half Husky
War Is Kind
Maggie and Milly and Molly and May by Edward Estlin Cummings
As You Like It by W.S.
Green Rain by Mary Webb
On Children by Kahlil Gibran
The Circle Game by Margaret Atwood
The Rink
Papa’s Waltz
Teen Calls and beyond… We will be reading two more before Friday so they are fresh for next week. (These will be final English stories).


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