Final week of Semester 1 (Monday!)

Monday, January 15, 2012
PROGRESS REPORT DAY- You will receive your Progress Reports at the end of the day.
Please do not ask for them ahead of time.

You will be making a creative video to demonstrate knowledge of the following areas using video.
You wil be given 4 class periods to do this. ONLY. You must produce one iMovie video on your own.
If you struggle with iMovie at all Miss Mann will help you directly.
Yes you will want to work with someone so you can help one another in this process.
Long shot
Medium shot
Close up
Extreme Close up
Birds Eye View
Worms Eye View
Eye Level
Low Angle
Dolly shot
Slow speed
Fast speed
Odd Angles (Must show 2)
Emotion (Must show 3)

You can complete a short informational video as such:

Or get more creative with something like this:
You can bring any prop possible.
You will be given 4 class periods to shoot your video and one in class to build it.
Tight DEADLINE as voting will happen Thursday Period 2 at 10:00.
Lets have some fun with this- dedicate ourselves.

Video must be 1-2 minutes in length.
Videos must be shot within the school.
All videos will be voted on.
Must follow ANY 1 theme we learned about in class. ANY theme.

Period 4/5: Social Studies 20 Group Projects
You will be divided into groups.
Europe (Zach/Troy)
Australia/New Zealand (Shawn/Riley)
UAE (Daria/Mikayla)
Northern Africa (Joey/Sam)
Southern Africa (Ty/Rayna)
Russia (Bailey/Delaine)
Canada (Jessie/Kelsey)
United States (Mike/Hannah)
Middle East (Clay/Alyssa/Becci
South America (Luke/Brodie)
Each of you will be in charge of teaching the governance and military history that has affected the nations that live within your area. You can chose to teach this ANY WAY YOU WANT.
Make it interesting and engaging. DIG DEEP.

Discuss the history of the making of your area/major countries.
(How did your area/country(ies) come to be?)
(What did your area look like before country lines existed?)
Discuss the military and governance as it has evolved through the centuries.
Be specific on times/facts/numbers.
Influence in World War I, World War II?
Discuss the food and agriculture as it has evolved through the centuries.
When have they seen conflict?
When have they been involved with United Nations and Nato?
Do they follow the Declaration of Human Rights?
Legendary leaders?
Discuss the current state of your area/country(ies).
-future projections
(TIP: Keep things on a timeline to keep them organized. Look up videos. Pictures. Graphs and more.
You must have a test for your classmates based on your presentation.
The test should be matching, true/false, multiple choice and fill in the blank.
You must  have an answer key

Tuesday, January 16

Period 2: Mini Media Project

Period 3: Social Studies 20 Group Projects

Period 4: English L to J FINAL (AGAIN FOR MARKS)

Period 5: Final Project and Presentations


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