Tuesday 9 days left…

Welcome back!
Plans for Exam Week and Final Presentations:
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
***English 20 Final Exam in the Gym at 9:00am. (Mandatory attendance)
Wednesday, January 25, 2012
***All Subjects- FINAL PRESENTATIONS at 1:00pm in Room 210. (Mandatory attendance for all)
Thursday, January 26, 2012
***Social Studies 20  Final Exam in TBA at 9:00am. (Mandatory attendance)
50% Conceptual Exam- closed book (multiple choice, short answer, matching)
50% Essay- open computer
(Given 3 options for your essay. You can view the essay questions at 8:30 to begin to plan and prep- NO COMPUTER at this time.)
These essay questions will test your critical thinking on world issues/current events and so on.
You will complete Part A of exam closed book.
You will hand in Part A.
You will pick up your CHARGED computer and  complete your open book essay.
You will email your essay. Once you have completed this essay email to jmann@lcsd.ca.
You will then hand in your:
BAG (If you took one) (Cleaned out.)
Your MAC
Your CHARGERS and small white connection pieces.
-Then return all books to the library..

Period 2: L to J 2nd time through… Will it be the last?  Yes this will count for marks.
Final L to J test will be next week and weighted heavily.

Period 3:
You will receive your Biology finals if you have completed the following:
1) Fake Wall
2) Human Rights Mini Exam
3) The Rink Graphic Organizer:
Read the rink and put together a Notebook file of symbols from the story
4) Half Husky test
5) Year in Review Blog Post
6) Environmental Questions (27)
7) Photography Practical Exam (15 Pictures)
*English: Read Bordertown Cafe for an hour(ish).
Jessie: Jimmy
Delaine: Jim
Alyssa: Marlene
Miss Mann: Maxine
Go through questions as a class.

Period 4: Social Studies 20
Go to the Social Studies 20 page on the Word Press.
I have already found you the official definitions from the Social Curriculum for the terminology below. Take each word and make it into a matching quiz to give someone else. Take the definitions and put them into a smaller sentence. Make a table with two columns and two rows. Do this in a word document and upload to your Word Press.
Make sure you have your blog posts on the YEAR IN REVIEW complete.
Make sure you have the Environment questions and viewing assignment done from yesterday.
THEN use these words to make a matching exam:
Economic Growth
Economies of Scales
Per Capita Income
Production Costs
Non Renewable Resources
Recyclable Resources
Sustainable Yield
Mining a Resource
Carrying Capacity
Burden of Proof
Merket Economy 
Ecological Engineering

Period 5: Photography/Final Project
Are you done your 15 photos? Only when you are done this assignment can you move onto your final project.

Final project presentations will be held: Wednesday at 1:00pm in Room 210 on January 25, 2012.

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