Lost for a Title

Alright crew,
One day left,
One class left. Words cannot explain how excited we all are for Christmas. We know it is true.
I hope your photography projects are all done and online!
Please view the homework page today to make sure you are all caught up. You will receive updated marks when you return.
Please complete the first portion of your human rights quiz on paper.
Once you have done this and handed it in you must click here and complete the quiz.
YOU MUST screen capture your score and post online to your Social Studies 20 page.
This is an inclass quiz. You must finish before the bell. It is long and will take some work on your part. Be diligent please.
ONCE and after this is all complete you can then relax. Enjoy the rest of the period and work on your final projects.
This is due. Yes it is for marks and yes you can use another Internet window to help you.
These questions will be on your final exam.
There will be a more conprehensive Social Studies 20 exam than the one I discussed wanting in class as per humanities team policy. This is time for you to earn some marks and get in some study time.

Thank you for a very outstanding and challenging 2011.
I hope you all have extraordinary Christmas’s and I will see you in 2012.

Upon arrival back:
Welcome backs,
Period 2: English
We will read Bordertown Cafe together as a class.

Period 3: Final Projects (Media Studies)

Period 4: Social Studies 20

Period 5: Photography

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