Thursday, Friday plans…

Thursday, December 15
Period 2: English,
Half Husky test. (All students must complete.)
Hand in.
Switch- mark together. (Yes this is for marks.)

Period 3: English,
The Power of Persuasion
What does it mean to persuade?
You will be writing a persuasive, one paper letter. (It is like a letter of application.)

You will be writing to persuade someone to spend a day with you. Anyone in the world.
The more you can persuade the better.
Your persuasive letter is to be Times New Roman, 12 font. ONE PAGE LIMIT.

Period 5: Photography,


Your job by the end of class is to take and create one image per definition you learned.
You can use iPhoto to edit your photos or if you would like to go above and beyond YouTube has some amazing tutorials.
These must be posted on your WordPress by 3:30 on Friday. One image per definition and this is to be added to your showcase. Please plan your photo and make it WOW us. We will look at them as a class on Monday.
Examples would be:

Contrast Example: Sarah Polonsky Photo


Saturation Example:

Over Exposure:

Over Exposure Example

Under Exposure:

Under Exposure Example

Friday, December 16
Guys, Ms. Miekle is in.
Please be sure to get some stuff done.

Period 2: English,
Please go to the English 20 page and click on the resource ‘Charlie’.
Please read this OUT loud with students. Do not allow them to read this on their own.
Discuss this with students.
What have we learned about in class and about residential schools that applies here.
Have students open a NEW post on their Word Press.
Have students put on headphones and find some music they can write to.
Remind them that when free writing you have to get in the zone.
Free writing is a skill.
Students please complete a free write. UPLOAD. (Students this will be included in English.)

Period 3: Social Studies
Log onto:
Log in:
Password is written on a post-it note on my desk.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Watch under subjects: A Week in Rap
Then click on Social Studies in the subjects area as well.
Click Modern World History.
Click Age of Exploration “Hit the Seas”
Play this for students.
Click through the links but focus on this one:
We live in a very different world from this.
Go back to Subjects: Click Social Studies and listen to the rap on GLOBALIZATION ‘Go Global’
What are we doing that is similar to the old ways/history?
What are we doing that is different?
Who are we hurting with the new ‘ways’ of the world.
Watch the following video….

Period 4: Biology
Students you have your last hour to study for your final exam.
Remember your final exam is Monday morning. Attendance is MANDATORY.
There will be no absences on this date. Treat this as any other final.
ALL L to J exams MUST absolutely MUST be left within the classroom.
Miekle please go around and collect all 21 booklets. Leave these on the funky chair behind my desk. I will look through them Monday morning before the final exam. Students, if you take your book home you I will have to redirect you to the office.

Period 5: Photography,
Final work period to complete yesterday’s assignment.
Miekle please go around to each individual student to see their Photography WordPress.
Ask to see their: Contrast, Saturation, Exposure signature photos.
Try and help make sure they complete this assignment as we will go through them as a class on Monday.
If they are done early ask them if they have the following work done.
Light photo completed and uploaded.
Halloween Howler  assignment.
Poster campaign photo.
Self portrait photo.
After this, only after all this- can they then study for Biology or work on their final projects and presentations.


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