Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, (Study weekend) Monday

Wednesday, December 14
Please make sure I have all your essays: novel and TKAM
Please make sure your fake wall’s are uploaded.
Please check your email and write some Christmas suggestions beside your name for your secret santa

Period 2- Biology
Biology HUGE multiple choice (STAY IN ROOM)
-Check email for NEW updated concise REVIEW
Period 3- Media Studies
Final Presentation, discussions and examples
Make the rubric together as a class
Period 4- Half Husky (mini test, discussion, reading (if you would like), post on WP.
Period 5- Photography

Thursday, December 15
Period 2- Biology HUGE multiple choice (STAY IN ROOM)
Period 3- English
Period 4- English
Period 5- Social

Friday, December 16
Period 2- Biology HUGE multiple choice (STAY IN ROOM)
Period 3- English
Period 4- Social
Period 5- Photography

Monday, December 19
Period 2 -Biology Final in the VC room
Period 3 -Biology Final in the VC room
Period 4 -Brief English assignment (Rest of the day set aside to work on final projects. Come prepared.)

Wednesday, December 21
Period 2: English
Period 3: English (PARTY last 20 minutes)
Starting at NOON. 
Christmas present (secret santa) ideas and pot luck item. (20$ limit)
Christmas exchange will be Wednesday as well as pot luck.

Zach: iTunes card, (not picky)-> Trifle (dessert)
Mikayla: Starbucks or Tim’s card -> Cookies and Creme Fudge
Daria: Lindor chocolate, body spray, gift certificates: Tims, Jc’z -> Salad
Ty: iTunes card, Ferrero Roche chocolate -> Dessert
Rayna: Nail polish (dark colours), necklace, bracelets -> Drink or Hashbrown casserole (Becci depending)
Sam: Starbucks or anything with sugar, candy -> Fruit Salad
Joey: something nifty (Staples), iTunes card -> Drink
Bailey: iTunes card, gift certificate -> 7 Layer Salad or Perogies
Alyssa: gift certificate from Starbucks, clothing stores, feather earrings -> main dish item
Luke: gas card from Fas Gas (because he gets 3 cents back), Lindor chocolate, Diesel underwear (Winners) -> Veggies and dip
Becci: feather earrings, cool lanyard, no gift certificate (haha) -> Hasbrown casserole (if she is here)
Kelsey: Bootlegger gift certificate -> Main dish
Brodie: mittens-> Pickles, carrots and beets (if she is here)
Troy: Starbucks and Tim Hortons-> Buns (bread)
Riley: chocolate (Lindor-Ferrero Rocher), candies, chocolate oranges ->  Cheese/Crackers
Mike: iTunes card, gift certificate from Future Shop -> Surprise
Clay: DQ ice cream cake and/or iTunes card -> Salad
Delaine: iTunes card, gift certificate from Star bucks, guitar pick (Medium or Hard) -> Surprise
Jessie: ?-> ICE CREAM CAKE!
Shawn: iTunes gift card! Just the gift card haha, all I got out of him -> Nuts and Bolts
Hannah: 64 pack of crayons (Crayola), kinder surprises, Starbucks gift certificate -> Taco Salad
Miss Mann: iTunes card, necklace, earrings, mitts (anything really)-> Meat (main dish)
Period 4: Mass
Period 5: Final Presentation time

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