Two more days till the weekend…

Last day I am away guys, I am hoping. I am around the school today though in meetings and helping with the mentorship program. Thank you for covering for me. (I did not go through each blog yet.)
Daria- English essay?
Brodie- Your assignments?

Period 2: English (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Students should have read up until Chapter 28.
Please review the last two chapters with them: Read the following OUT LOUD.

These short chapters are marked by a mood of mounting mischief laced with a growing sense of real danger. They begin with a reference to the Radley Place, the source of childhood terror that no longer scares Jem and Scout—“Boo Radley was the least of our fears,” Scout comments. The dissipation of Jem and Scout’s youthful fear of Boo reflects how the trial has hardened them and how, in the wake of the trial’s injustice and Bob Ewell’s threats, the children have become increasingly mired in the more serious concerns of the adult world. The Radley Place is part of the past now. The aura of scariness attached to the name “Boo” has dissolved into curiosity, perhaps even into fondness. As Jem and Scout gain a greater understanding of Boo, he seems less like a town freak to them and more, in a strange way, like a pet or a plaything. Scout still expresses a wish to see Boo someday, and she remembers fondly the near encounters with Boo during summers past. These memories restore Boo Radley to the reader’s consciousness, which has been occupied with the trial for most of Part Two, thereby foreshadowing Boo’s appearance a few chapters later.

Meanwhile, the aftereffects of the trial continue to loom, and Jem and Scout’s fading fear of Boo accentuates the real danger that Bob Ewell’s various attempts at revenge present. Bob Ewell shows himself to be sinister, and the fact that he has not yet attempted anything against the Finches only increases the sense of foreboding. Atticus remains confident in his own safety, but this confidence begins to seem like wishful thinking. In fact, rather than offer further thematic commentary, Lee devotes a great part of these chapters to building tension and suspense by focusing on the unpredictable threat that Bob Ewell poses. The misdeeds of the previous Halloween, which lead to the idea of a Halloween play this year, hint again at the damage caused by those who act without conscience.

Meanwhile, the incident involving Miss Gates reveals the extent to which Jem remains affected by the trial. Despite the grim experience of the trial, Scout retains her faith in the basic goodness of others, and thus her teacher’s obvious hypocrisy confuses her. Jem, meanwhile, has become disillusioned, and when Scout tries to talk to him about Miss Gates, he shuts himself off from the painful memory of the trial. Bob Ewell’s threats are not the only dark cloud hanging over the Finch household in this section: the injustice of the trial has changed Jem irrevocably.

Take the To Kill a Mockingbird book off my desk. Have all students get out their books.
There is a book for you on my desk.
Begin reading Chapter 28 OUT LOUD, together. The students each take turns reading.
Read until the bell rings.
Delaine I still giggle when I think of how great at the voices you were the other day.
Enjoy guys!
HOMEWORK: Be ready to go with Chapter 30 tomorrow guys.
Be sure you are caught up on your Chapter questions.

Period 3: English
(Watch the 2 minute quick video.)

Allow students time to work on their English essay.
Again guys, please have a SOLID thesis statement. This thesis statement should end your introductory paragraph.
Each paragraph after that should compare similarities and speak directly to the thesis.
SUB: Play the following video and allow students time to work on their essay while listening to this.
Students: Listen to the video if you would like or work on your essay.
Remember this essay is on your To Kill a Mockingbird test on Monday. It is due then regardless.

Question to make you think:
1) List all the reasons trials ‘like this’ are not likely to take place today. Think about what we know concerning Social Studies class, and also Biology class.
2) Do major injustices like this happen today? If so, where? Does the future  have the power to change this?

Period 4: Biology:
Sub, please hand out the handouts on my desk.
This is an in class assignment/quiz. They are allowed access to their Ecology terminology pages.
Please circulate to make sure they are NOT using the Internet for this assignment.
Have students put their laptops at the top of their table. Please collect. Students who take more time can work into the Photography period (next period). COLLECT ALL.

Period 5: Photography:
Diversity and Creativity
You wil be presenting on:
Each photo:
Why did you include it?
What was the inspiration behind it?
Why do you think the photo ‘works’?

STUDENTS: ten lockers were left open three days ago at the end of the day.
This cannot happen. Zach or Troy (until I return) can you please double triple check this does not happen again today.)
***Only unlock your own locker. (The key if you guys need it today is in the drawer directly above where your knees go in my desk.
I will be going through all blogs today. ALL! Please make sure you at least have your WORDPRESS showcase page created.
Remember you: Make a new page, then on the right hand side when you are editing it you can make PHOTOGRAPHY the ‘parent’ page. You will have today to work on your showcase!
Chad is super pysched to come and view your showcases as is Miss Mushtaler.
Remember each photo will be graded as well as your entire showcase.
Remember that your showcase MUST be on one organized WordPress page that is parented by your Photography page.
Title your showcase.
Once you have shown me your WordPress Showcase page you can begin working with the cameras and photoshop.

Social Studies Presentations will be FRIDAY. THESE HAVE TO BE DONE FOR FRIDAY.
Your showcase is due as well and you will be presenting on it.
Have read up to and be read to go with Chapter 30 tomorrow in To Kill a Mockingbird.
(Be sure when reading on in to Kill a Mockingbird that you are comparing and contrasting for your upcoming essay that is due Monday.)

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