Tuesday, Plans of Action

Period 2: English
Short Quiz (Complete paper quiz, correct first 3 pages together. Hand in.)
To Kill a Mockingbird review.
Chapter 10
Atticus is older than many fathers.
-Scout tests her respect for Atticus (‘He doesn’t do anything’.)
Tom Johnson is found rabid in the streets.
One shot Atticus kills him and saves the neighbourhood!
(He earns Scouts respect!)
Scout wants to shout it from the rooftops. Jem tells her not to because Atticus is a gentlemen and if he wanted to tell people he would. Jem states ‘He wants to  be a gentlemen like Atticus.’
The kids respect their father all the more once again.
Life is becoming increasingly more difficult for Scout.
Chapter 11
Who is Mrs. Dubose? (Remember her from the video?)
She is the mean, cantankerous woman who yells at the children.
Atticus says to be nice to her and models this through a pleasant conversation with her.
One day she crosses the line by comparing Atticus in a negative way to African American people.
She is clearly racist.
Jem loses her temper and crushes her camilia flowers.
Jem as punishment is forced to read with her. Scout goes with him.
Mrs. Dubose dies (she was addicted to morphine)
She leaves Jem a box with a white camilia.
Atticus again embodies moral values.
He stands for: justice, restraint, composure, honesty, equality and loyalty.
He stands up again injustices against innocents (like killing a mockingbird).
Chapter 12
Jem turns 12.
He begins to become more independent and wants to spend less time with Scout.
Scout looks forward to seeing Dill.
Dill does not come that summer.
Atticues begins to get very busy with work and begins to travel a lot.
Scout again is sad.
Calpurnia takes the kids to First Purchase (African American church).
Some welcome them.
Some do not.
Collection is taken up for Helen.
We learn it is Bob Ewell accusing Tom Robinson of raping a young woman.

Ohhhh as the plot thickens.

Read Chapter 13 together.

Period 3: Biology

The 5 Kingdoms (We are currently working on and learning about Kingdom Animalia)

Breaking down a Kingdom (specialized)

Review Chordata together with booklets. What did you guys learn from one another last day?
-How many phyla are in Kingdom Animalia? -9 (Remember we are currently working on Chordata.)
-How are they classified? (See below)
Please view this Phylogenetic Tree in Kingdom Animalia.

Discuss diagrams.
-Begin reviewing on YOUR OWN each of the phyla within Kingdom Animalia.
Come write individual tests. When all tests are complete you can go for lunch.
No you cannot leave before the bell. (You can begin studying for Animalia exam that is on FRIDAY.)
You will not be excused for lunch until each test is complete. (Yes you can rewrite.)

Period 4: Biology: Planet Earth
Complete questions on a Word Document.
Place on WordPress by end of day along with your charts for Barton.
TODAY IS DEADLINE. (You have had plenty of class time.)

Period 5: Photography
Silhouettes (See notes from yesterday’s blog plans.)

Are you done?

Biology chart- Put on WordPress
English Essay? –Put on WordPress
Photography? – In The Dark photos, Silhouette photos
(Begin preparing for your Biology exam- December 14th.)

Social Studies
A Week in Rap
Concept review
Quick basic Social Studies presentations. (These would be great on your WP.)
4 questions to answer…
A. Who is your character?
B. Why are they important in history?
C. Why do they still matter today?
D. What is a highlight from the conversations you created for them?

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