Saskatchewan Population Growth and Future Plans

Population in Canada is changing!
Discuss- Why? How?

The Aboriginal peoples of Saskatchewan have inhabited this region for approximately 11,000 years, during which time they established self-sustaining societies. Contact with Europeans brought with it external cultural and economic forces that would dramatically affect the lives of Aboriginal people; their story has been one of adaptation and survival.
During the 235 years of fur trade contact (1670-1905), challenges included devastating epidemics and depletion of wildlife resources; after Canadian annexation of the North-West Territories, Aboriginal people were subjected to government policies that sought to erode their identity and rights. Today, they are recovering many of their rights, rebuilding their societies, and seeking to play a meaningful role in contemporary Canada. (
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Comment on this blog post and answer the questions below:
This will be marked over the weekend!
1) Explain the following quote from the article:
“In absolute numbers, Saskatchewan currently ranks fifth for the province having the largest number of Aboriginal residents; however, proportionate to the total provincial population it is ranked first or second (comparable to Manitoba).”
What does this mean?  (    /4 marks)
2) What does Saskatchewan need to do to best prepare for an influx of Aboriginal people to best suite the needs of all Saskatchewan residents? (HINT: Think programming, education, structurally and beyond. Try come up with 3 big ideas.)
(     /6 marks)
3) Watch the following video to see the future plans for Saskatchewan.
Write 6 key points that Premier Brad Wall and his party have planned for the future.
Then write a sentence underneath each as to whether or not YOU feel it will work and what needs to be done to make it work.
You can do some research to support your responses here.
(     /12 marks)

Total of   (   /22 marks)

Saskatchewan Party Platform


19 comments on “Saskatchewan Population Growth and Future Plans

  1. -heath care will be better (public health care- everyone has access to it)
    I feel that this will work but how much are health care providers willing to give for health care, or will it be full coverage, I think that is something he should discuss.

    -Saskatchewan will be the very best place in the dominion of canada to build a life
    That is a big thing to say, we would have a lot of stuff to do to make that goal.

    -match up to 10% percent of family saving for education in saskatchewan
    I think this is a great idea, it will give people a better start to there post secondary education.

    -increase benefits for seniors in low income senior plans
    This will give seniors more freedoms to the lives, it will help them out a lot.

    -improving quality of live, support programs for people with disabilities(extra resources)
    I think this is great because there needs to be certain groups that can help will certain disabilities. It will give people with disabilities a chance to be around others that are like them and help communicate better and succeed.

    -waiting time for surgeries will become shorter
    This is a great plan to have in a platform. People who need surgeries will get them faster and get better faster rather then getting sicker waiting.

    What I don’t think they are taking in count is that once all these things are promised and more people move to Saskatchewan and the populations grows are they still going to keep these promises with the extra people moving there. Will they have enough money to put out to families seniors and such? I hope they are thinking abut the future.

  2. baileywalker says:

    1. respecting seniors- senior income plan, increasing the plan by $1,00 annually. a $3,000 annual benefit to low income seniors living in personal care homes.

    2. Expanding the Active Families Benefit and the PST exemption on children’s clothing up to age 18

    3. health care- reducing surgical wait times to no more than three months.

    4. best education $2,000 scholarship. Student loan, to attract doctors and nurses.

    5. Improving Saskatchewan highways

    6.Balanced budgets and further debt reduction of over $200 million on top of the $3 billion in debt reduction

    Obviously the party will need money to achieve all of their plans for the future. Personally I would love to see the Saskatchewan roads and highways to be fixed but it is very expensive and a lot of work to fix a road that will be used and damaged in a few months after the repairs. I think many people could/would cheat the PST benefit for cheaper clothing. If the Saskatchewan party could achieve all of their goals and plans I would be impressed.

  3. Alyssa Dopko says:

    Saskatchewan will be debt free
    A province that cares for those in need
    Surgeical wait times will be shorter
    Saskatchewan will have more jobs
    Saskatchewan will have better education
    Better care for seniors

    I think that the only way this plan will work out, is if they work really hard, and stick true to their word. Right now they are switching up their words, and there promises are a little more different each time. If they work hard enough, and really strive for success in their plans, it will work out. It’s all up to them and their motivations. In order for their plans to really work, they need to get community support, and province support.

  4. They want to improve the health care further by reducing wait time, and hiring more/better doctors and nurses.
    I think it will work, but they need to find more doctors.

    They plan to have the population go up to 1.1 million.
    I believe it will work, but it is out of their hands.

    The will make a Home buyer action, making it easier for people to buy their first homes.
    I think it will work, but it will take a lot of money.

    They want to make communities safer.
    It will be easy, but they need to raise the perks of becoming a law enforcement officer, so they will have enough people to do it.

    They want to help people that live with disabilities.
    They can do it, but they need to have more people to help, and they need to make the technology to help them more common.

    Improve the senior income plan.
    Same as all the others, not hard to do, but will cost more money.

  5. Plans For The Future Saskatchewan!
    – communities to be debt free
    we will be more excited to be debt free, more happy communities.
    – every graduated student will be allowed to be given up to 2.000 dollars for scholarship
    this would effect me, cause you never have enough money to goto college, or university and more the better, the better education the more years.
    – safer communities
    this is good for everyone, because safer communities, the happier people.
    – Saskatchewan will be the best place to live, work, and raise a family
    this is good, because sask. has always been put down and not really economical high, and now we are boosting with things.
    – support programs for people with disabilities called “Said”
    this is good for everyone! because if people will work with disabilities they will be smarter!
    – expanded the amount of elderly assisted
    this is good for everyone, and families! They have a place to send their parents and grandparents. And know they are safe.

  6. troysb11 says:

    Have the best education and career opportunities. Students will receive better education and will be more qualified to do the jobs of Saskatchewan, and with more career opportunities students will be able to stay in Saskatchewan and Work. This will give back to Saskatchewan by growing Saskatchewan’s Economy and will continue to bring in large corporations. This can be achieved by scholarships that will make secondary education more affordable.

    Plan to have the population of Saskatchewan at 1.1 Million. Yes this is an achievable goal and it will help saskatchewan to grow its economy by having more money coming in and staying in Saskatchewan. This can be achieved by continuing to create jobs.

    More affordable homes. This will be achieved by the Home buyer action Plan. The home buyer action plan will help families afford there own home. This will help bring in families and help the Sask. population go up because families will be able to afford and live in their own home.

    Communities will be safer. This is also an achievable task that will benefit Saskatchewan. To do this more police officers will need to be hired.

    Surgery waiting time will be shorter. This a achievable task that will improve the overall health of citizens, but to achieve this task more surgeons will have to be trained and hired.

    Stronger Economy. Yes this is an achievable task. By achieving this task more jobs will be created and more people will want to move in to Saskatchewan. This will bring in more money that will be given back to the government to further improve Saskatchewan. This can be achieved by creating more jobs.

  7. Future Plans:
    -affordable education
    -senors income plan
    -Health Care
    -student loans for nurses
    -safer communities
    Ya right like health care is really going to do anything. Since the Sask. party won I still can not get a hold of the receptionists at the doctors office. I have been waiting more then a month to get in and so has my sister. Affordable education I kinda like that but that is just for Saskatchewan. I live in Sask. but I want to go to the U of A so how will that work out. Student loans, ok they are manly for nurses. What about doctors or dentists or other people that we need. The senor citizen income plan and the disabilities plans is amazing but I will believe it when I see it. Last is the safer communities, I really don’t believe that we will ever be safe because of all the guns and sirens going off or all of the fires. We will all be getting up in the middle of the night and we here the sirens. I for one will believe what they say when I see it.

  8. scdoll12 says:

    A province that seniors are respected.
    I believe this will be a good plan. Seniors need to be taken care of and respected.

    Achieve a bigger population ahead of schedule.
    I don’t believe that this will work. In order to achieve a larger population they need to have field of work that can incorporate what people want to do.

    Best education.
    By giving 2000$ to every graduate will make students want to graduate and get an education.

    Best place in Canada to live.
    I’m not sure if it will work because people are interested in different things in different provinces.

    Help those with disabilities.
    I’m not sure at all

    Better Medical Care.
    It depends on how they execute the plan.

  9. jdubz3 says:

    Beginning in 2012, provide up to $2,000 over four years to new high school graduates to reduce the cost of post-secondary tuition in Saskatchewan.

    Match up to 10% of the annual contribution to a child’s RESP account, to a maximum of $250 annually. This is in addition to the basic Canada Education Savings Grant.

    Increase the maximum Saskatchewan Seniors Income Plan benefit up to $80 per month or almost $1,000 annually.

    Provide a Seniors in Personal Care Home Benefit, a $3,000 annual benefit to low income seniors residing in personal care homes, beginning next year.

    Expand the $150 per year Active Families Benefit to children and youth under 18.

    Expand the PST exemption on children’s clothing to youth under 18.

    Fund 2,000 new child care spaces.

    Introduce a new $10,000 tax credit for first time homebuyers – a saving of $1,100.

    Forgive up to $20,000 in Saskatchewan student loans for new nurses and nurse practitioners that practice for five years in underserved rural and remote communities.

    Reduce crime by hiring more police officers and prosecutors to target high risk violent offenders.

    I honestly don’t know how or even if they will accomplish these promises. From my understanding the only possible way to do this is to cut from other funds or increase the provinces taxes. Where will the extra money come from?

  10. raynamartens says:

    Saskatchewan will continue to move forward to be a debt free province.

    Saskatchewan will strive to be a province that students will obtain the best education and be offered the best career opportunities.

    We are promised to be a province that truly cares for those who are in need.

    Saskatchewan’s healthcare is moving towards becoming better (surgery wait times will not be as long).

    Saskatchewan party’s vision is that Saskatchewan will be the best place to live in the dominion of Canada.

    Saskatchewan will work towards having the best disabilities program in all of Canada.

    We will have public health care clinics rather than private.

    900 more nurses will be hired to work in Saskatchewan.

  11. cjgrafstar says:

    1. $2000 scholarship to Saskatchewan residents going into post-secondary Saskatchewan education. This could follow through, and this would be very beneficial for people going to U of S. For our school, since lots of students are going there, it will be awesome.

    2. Make Saskatchewan better for disabled people. This will follow through, because it is a need for every place in the world. They deserve just as much as anyone else just because they are disabled. They can follow through if they are not influenced by idiots.

    3. Better health care by hiring more doctors and reduce the time to wait. This will be great for people with serious illnesses. This is an easy promise to Saskatchewan, and it will be convenient for everyone.

    4. The will forgive student loans up to $120 000. This will be better for students in debt due to studies in medical science.

    5. Increased investments in parks up to $10 000 000. This will make cities and towns much more attractive and attract more people. Scenery is everything. This will be an easy promise to follow through with.

    6. Tax credit for home buyers. Taxes will be reduced when buying a house. This may not follow through, because the government will always want taxes, and they receive lots from home buyers.

  12. tyhauberr says:

    Improving Saskatchewan highways

    Heath care will be better

    Saskatchewan will have better education

    Saskatchewan will be debt free

    Best education $2,000 scholarship

    Waiting time for surgeries will become shorter

    I think that Saskatchewan is making a change for the better. All of these changes will be helpful for the Saskatchewan citizens. These plans for the future will improve and help all Saskatchewan citizens, if not now in time they will.

  13. 1. Safer communities
    He didn’t really provide any examples of how he is going to do this.
    Some things he could do is increase the crime stoppers and education about crime prevention
    2. 2,000 thousand dollar scholarships
    This has lots of conditions and exclusions.
    3. Expanded the amount of elderly assisted
    This would be easy to do so I expect it to happen.
    4. Support programs for people with disabilities
    This is also a very easy thing to have done so it should be easy to do.
    5. Improve rural Health care (sorter wait lists)
    Privet clinic to decrees the amount of waiting time.
    6. Increased investments in parks by 90%
    I have already seen this in action because I live at a provincial park and they have been doing lots improvements.
    Total Cost 414 million

  14. 1. $2000 scholarship for Saskatchewan residents going to post-secondary in Saskatchewan.
    This would encourage a lot more people to become educated, and lead to more job professionals working in Saskatchewan.

    2. Take PST off clothing for all people under 18.
    Businesses will make more money because people will buy more things.

    3. Tax credit for home-buyers.
    It will encourage more people to build homes.

    4. Make Saskatchewan better for people with disabilities.
    I think it will be hard to fulfill this promise because it requires the help of a lot of different people.

    5. Improve health care by hiring more medical professionals to reduce wait times.
    I’m very excited for this one. It will require the promise below to make it work though.

    6. Pay back student loans to Doctors and Nurses if they agree to work in rural and remote communities.
    This will reduce wait times substantially. And hopefully this means I won’t hate the Lloyd hospital so much.

  15. Luke says:

    – 1.1 million people by 2015
    Easily will reach this population. Brad Wall also said that if we continue in the direction that we are going, we will reach that population early!
    – Continues to be debt free
    With no debt we can continue to build a stronger economy
    – Province where we have the best education
    This will attract more people tot live in Saskatchewan and take part of post- secondary school too.
    – Care treat our seniors
    Our seniors need help from our government to afford health care and to be able to live their lives.
    -Have more jobs in our province
    With more jobs our economy will boom and will help our province get the boom we need
    -The very best place in Canada to work, live get and education, best careers, etc.
    Attracting citizens from other provinces to move to saskatchewan, to help with jobs, schooling, etc.
    There must be huge changes in our economy to achieve all of these. These goals are defiantly possible to be reached. With the help of a beneficial government and cooperative citizens

  16. 1.They want to improve health care by hiring more people as doctors or nurses, and they also want to try reduce the time people are waiting to get an appointment.
    I think this will help out a lot. But in order to do this there going to have to hire a lot more doctors.

    2.Every student that is graduating will be able to have the chance of getting up to 2000 for scholarships.
    This would help out a lot of people because some people don’t have the money to go to collage or university. So this would help out a lot of people.

    3.They are planning for the population to go up to 1.1 million people.
    I think they could make it happen, but sometimes it might get out of hand.

    4. Having safer communities.
    This will help out a lot of people because they will feel safer in their surroundings.

    5. To support programs for people with disabilities.
    This is good for everyone. The people who are helping will have a good feeling that they are going to be doing a good thing. The people with disabilities will be smarter so it will help them.

    6. Communities will become debt free.
    People living in the community will feel a lot better that they are living in a place that is debt free.

  17. JHurley says:

    -Saskatchewan Education: Active Family Benefits, & Saskatchewan Scholarship Benefit.
    To me, this would take a lot of time & money to complete, so I feel it will not be followed through with.

    -Highways & Parks: Increase investment in Regional & Provincial parks up to 90%.
    I could see this plan happing, but not with as much money as they are want to put in.

    -Senior Benefits: Senior Income Plan, Assistant Plans, & Low-income Seniors help.
    The senior do need attention & help, but I feel they will not receive as much money as they should.

    -Home Buyer’s Tax Plan: House & Plan, Make Saskatchewan the best place to live.
    This plan is starting to be seen, so I feel that this will happen, and I am glad to see this as part of Sask’s platform!

    -Saskatchewan Assisted Income Program: Provide money to people who want to live independently with disabilities.
    The Saskatchewan people with disabilities do deserve time & money put towards helping them live by independently, but I do not think the government will have enough of either of those to support this part of the platform.

    -Health Care Plan: Shrink wait lists, surgery instead of ideology, & pay for student loans for nurses and doctor who go to rural areas.
    This one is a major part of the platform, and although i do not seeing all of it being followed through with, I hope that it will be keep true to.

  18. dariahoegl says:

    Brad Wall and his team have great plans for our province and it is only things trying to benefit our people and the place where we live.

    – move forward to be debt free
    What I think people can do to try and get a debt free province is to have a good income so we are able to be debt free. Have back up plans for you purchases
    – give our students the best education
    Making sure the teachers are educated the right way so they bring up the next generation, to be ready to enter the world in what they want to become. Paying teachers the right wage they deserve so they can support themselves and know they are getting what they are worth.
    -health care will be better and wait times shorter(down by 50 %)
    Supporting the hospitals and having enough workers on there staff to make it possible to not have such long waits.
    – seniors get a benefit with an income plain,(they are going to triple there income)
    Make people aware that the seniors are in need of an income just like we are, they have many needs and help.
    -Trying to make canada the best place for disabled people to live, SAID a program for them. Money for those that are trying to live on there own.
    taking care of those people that need extra help and guidance. Getting Brad Wall and his party to realize they have big needs and support just like others around us.
    -nurses will make student loans for 20 grand for people in the saskatchewan area
    this is a great thing because nurses will always be needed in the world, and something that we can always use more of. Brad is very smart to give them help with there education because they are great people out there for the job but sometimes not able to pay for school.

    I think Brad Wall can do a great job leading our province with the help of his team.
    very happy with the results.

  19. -Trying to give young people the best educational abilities with new scholarships for Saskatchewan residents. The government wants to give the students better education through new scholarships to help students in their post secondary.

    -Benefits for seniors’ income plan. They plan on having the plan go up $1000 every year, which well truly benefit seniors who have trouble making payments.

    -Health care. They have improved health care by getting more doctors available which has decreased wait lines as well as bringing in private health care.

    -Student loans of $2000 for practicing doctors and practicing nurses. More practicing doctors and nurses by putting in more money for them to put towards their education.

    -Creating jobs. They have done this by creating temporary incentives with 13 billion dollars worth of expansions and making thousands of new jobs.

    -No reckless economic policies. They want to improve the economy by making attainable goals instead of unattainable and weird goals that require lots of time and money.

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