Cheers to the Weekend!- Plans for Friday

House Keeping:
Period 4 on Monday Mr. A has arranged for Grant McEwan to come and spend 1 hour with you answering questions about their programming in the following area. Now even if you are not considering Grant McEwan it never hurts to do your research and even find out what questions you can and should answer of other institutions.
Group 1: Health field (nursing, public safety and human services)
Group 2: Design field (136)
Group 3: Fine arts and Music field (215)
Period 2: Social Studies
Thank you Zach for finding this link.
Watch video.
Period 3: To Kill a Mockingbird – (Only one period today.)
Students please read the next 3 Chapters over the weekend. Due Monday morning.
You will have a half way To Kill a Mockingbird test on Monday morning!
This will be done on paper and yes it will be marked. The majority of questions will be on the last 5-6 chapters.
Questions to consider: (These are the same as your question sheet you have been working on.)
Chapters 12-13
1. Jem is now 12.  There is a widening gap of understanding between Scout and Jem.  Find two or three examples to illustrate the emotional distance between them.
2. Why does Cal speak one way around the coloured people and another way around the white people?  Is she being honest or hypocritical in what she does?  Explain.
3. Why does Aunt Alexandra go to stay with the Finch family?
4. What did Scout mean on page 134 when she stated, “I know what he was trying to do, but Atticus was only a man.  It takes a woman to do that kind of work.”

Chapter 14-15
1.How does Aunt Alexandra feel about Calpurina?
2.Explain how Jem, “…broke the remaining code of childhood” (pg.143)?
3.Attitcus discussed the Ku Klux Klan on page 147 and concludes by saying that the Klan is gone.  Is this statement correct?
4.Outline the conflict at the jail.
5.What does Scout’s childish attempt at conversation accomplish?

Period 4: TBA
Period 5: Photography
(I will be working hard over the weekend to fine tune plans for NAIT and hopefully arrange for our ‘veterinarian’ visit.
Please ensure you are caught up on everything and read to Chapter 14 in To Kill a Mockingbird.)

Monday’s Plans
Period 2: To Kill a Mockingbird Exam and then Biology
Period 3: Presenting Social Studies assignments (1-2 minutes a student)
Period 4: With Grant McEwan
Period 5: Biology or Photography


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