Tomorrow is Friday- plans for the day.

Period 2: To Kill a Mockingbird
Go over Chapter 6 and Chapter 6 questions.
Students make sure you have everything POSTED and online as I have the weekend to go over and mark the 5 definitions/sentences and comment on blogs.
Take the English To Kill a Mockingbird Mini Quiz.
Be ready to dive into Chapter 7. Read Chapter 7.
Watch To Kill a Mockingbird movie up until where Chapter 7 leaves off.
Period 3: Social Studies final work period for your fake Facebook walls about someone in history that impacted today. (Continue to have some fun with this guys!)
Period 4: Chapter 8 of To Kill a Mockingbird and beyond.
Period 5: Many of you will be away during this period I am told.
Plans to be announced.

Your portrait is posted on the Christmas wall.
Halloween Howler assignment
Poster Campaign Photograph assignment
ALL English:
Independent novel assignments (3)
Children’s Story
To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter questions/blog
Working diligently on your Fake Facebook wall- due Friday.
Self portrait is on your Word Press
Parents have commented on your Word Press
Start thinking of ideas for your secret santa.

You will be given a big reading assignment this weekend so you will want to complete as much of your homework as necessary.
You will receive a detailed list of assignments not done on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Please be diligent guys.


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