Morning on a Monday- Plans for the Day!

Greetings rapscallions,
I have a great many craft show and Breaking Dawn stories for you.
Alas you will have to wait until tomorrow.
I do not know what I ate but it hates me. At home in bed.
Please help Mr./Mrs. out today and here are some plans.
I have ginger snaps for each of you for tomorrow and we will be doing frog dissection and debate Tuesday (providing I am back- planning on it) -You guys know how bored I will be today.
Enjoy the day.

Period 2:
Love Hate and Propoganda (Click the link and go to 3/4 of the way through the video and watch together.)
Students: Think of where the world is today. How does history impact the present and future.
We had some great discussions about this on Friday.
Be sure to have your blog post open from Friday and edit it with information and news from today’s class.
What do you think will happen in the world?
Remember, Israel sent up a test missile two weeks ago to say-
“We have the power to impact nuclear plants/weapons in the middle east.”
Was this just to prove a point? Will they bomb nuclear technology in the middle east?
Will this impact us? Who will this impact?
While watching think- A) of how lucky we are and B) where do you think this world is headed?
SUB: After watching the video please discuss with students.

Students. You will be making a FAKE facebook wall.
I want you to pick ONE major event in history and make a fake Facebook wall about the conversations and events you think occurred during this event.
Begin doing some research and find an event that stands out to you. Many of you will have an idea of the event you want to include.
Some of you may need to Google around.
1) Take your event and research it.
2) Who were the people involved? What are they credited for doing?
3) Put together a rough TIMELINE to guide you.(This is a huge skill to master in Social Studies/English.)
4) Visit (I am hoping it is not blocked. I checked Friday on my account and it wasn’t but it may be for you. If it is continue doing the research and do your best to prepare and I will have it unblocked for your next work period.)
5) Put together a fake facebook page for someone that was involved to highlight the key events.
Have some fun with this and remember to be specific on dates, times and so forth.
Here is an exemplar.


IMPORTANT (Breakdown)
*Remember you are taking an EVENT in history that you believe has impacted the world.
*Choose a person who was directly involved.
(I suggest choosing an event that impacts North America.)
*Work to communicate to us how this individual contributed to the event and HOW/WHY it matters in the future.
*This assignment will be due on Thursday and will be presented in an informal manner.
You have today to work on it and I will give you one work period on Wednesday.
Work FAST today please.

Period 3:
Continue on with your FAKE facebook Social Studies assignment.
Get into this guys. Make us laugh and teach us!

Period 4:
Tomorrow is DEBATE!
We will be debating in the afternoon.
SUB, please give:
GROUP 1: 12 minutes to meet then when 12 minutes is up
GROUP 2: 12 minutes to meet
GROUP 3 and 4: the same.
(The groups have to be sectioned off because many students are in two groups.)
Ty- join whatever second group you like and remember to gather information quick.
Tomorrow is the debate: Today is crucial.
Who is saying what?
Who is speaking when?
Who is starting, restating and so on?
(Remember each of you MUST speak and sharing the speaking roles is key.)
PLEASE: look at the structure we discussed in class off the Word Press.
This will be ABSOLUTELY necessary to fill out and have handy to lead each group through.
Your group will need some sort of an agenda otherwise you will get lost.
Get competitive guys. You want to win.
You do not want to be left tomorrow with an ‘um….. jeez I wish I would have used my class time as Miss Mann told us we should and prepared better- moment’.
I am so looking forward to this.
Please to dress nice maybe with your team as well.
This counts remember for Social Studies and English and you will be grading one another as well as I will be grading you. Lay it on the line.

Period 5: Photography
Zach I am putting you in charge of the key and allowing students into their lockers.
Please double check that everyone has locked them up at the end of the day.
Thank you. The key should be on my desk. If it isn’t you may have to polietly ask Ms. O for hers.
Sub: If you can make sure that the cameras are all safely put away at the end of the day in the PAA area that will be great. Students will show you.

Guys, Today I want you to have some fun with lighting and using the different features we discussed last week. Remember on manual mode is where you can change both shutter speed AND aperture.
All of the glow sticks are on my desk.
Work in small groups around the school having some fun with light.
Please take a bunch and post them on your Word Press when you are finished!
I will make 1 photo, so make sure you have one. I would love to mark these tonight so PLEASE please post. I will be looking for composition in the sense that you were able to blur light in the means of communicating a message.

I have a few more blogs to comment on and mark late assignments. I will be doing this today.
Ty I will have your essay tomorrow I PROMISE!
Rayna I will comment on your vLog as soon as I can view it off your computer.
Bailey if you are having troubles with the air text me.

Rough plans for tomorrow’s:
Period 2: Frog dissection in room 205 (1 hour to complete this!)
Period 3: Discuss frog dissection/Bio/Fake facebook Social assignment
Period 4: DEBATE TOPIC 1
Period 5: DEBATE TOPIC 2
We also need to discuss and FINALIZE BIOLOGY FINAL


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