Mid-Way Assignment

Greetings rapscallions,
Today during periods 4 and 5 you be given a little time to reflect on how the year has been going thus far in all your classes. Feel free to also talk about life outside of school, on an extra curricular level and socially. I am putting some of the ownership/responsibility on you to really think about what successes you are having this year. Let’s keep this positive. It never hurts to stop, breath and ponder what you really do in a day. You will be writing a well thought out, engaging post to your parents on how things have been going. You can write it using the literary devices we have learned about, in the form of a song, poem, Prezi, pod cast, drawing, concept map or really anything. Take your parents through your WordPress’s.
Your post will be graded according to this Basic Representing Rubric credit.

Highlights to show or discuss with your parents:
Classroom Highlights
Choral reading
New Cap video
Children’s story
(Talk about To Kill a Mockingbird)

Halloween Howler
Poster Campaign
City photos
or others you have been working on
(Be sure to comment on the complexities of aperture and shutter speed and how well you are catching on!)

Barton will be available through Skype today in period 4.
-Prezi presentation
-past marks
-one dissection down and more to come

Social Studies:
-vLog on human rights
(Discuss with parents some of the big current events we have discussed.)
-Black Rhino (extinct)
-Conflict in the Middle East
-TransCanada pipeline
-resources: nuclear, wind and so on
-how photography impacted Hitler/Stalin/Mussolini’s image during WWII

Additional information to offer or mention to your parents:
Video conference with people from Egypt and Palestine
Video conference with David Suzuki
Shark Water- Rod Stewart Skyping with us
Upcoming major Media Studies assignments
(Biology final scheduled tentatively for December 16, 2011)
Upcoming field trip to NAIT (Date TBA)

-What do you want to do after school? If you don’t know- discuss…
-How are you doing in terms of managing time?
-What is one thing you think you need to change about your daily routines to become more successful?

Parents must comment on your blog post and THIS blog post by Wednesday, November 23.
(If they do not have a WordPress, Twitter, Facebook to log in with-
-have them simply comment through your account on THIS blog post with their name
-write directly on your post below through the edit option
NOTE: (Title it: Parental comments from: ____________ with the date and time it was completed.)

For YOUR blog post they can provide you with:

For the blog post on THIS  blog post for Miss Mann/Mrs Barton they can simply write:
-What assignments they thought stood out
-What assignment they were surprised about
-One thing they were shocked to learn about you
-One thing they hope to learn more about

3 comments on “Mid-Way Assignment

  1. I took Sammi’s survey and I feel she is doing a great job in Media Studies.
    Kathy Braun

  2. JHurley says:

    Keep up the good work… looking forward to reading some new material when Joey is done.

  3. Jason and Gina have read/looked through Zach’s work! Wow -totally impressed! 🙂

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