Plans for the short week! #sgms101

Greetings earthlings,
I hope you all had out of this world weekends.
I am at home getting caught up on MARKING! Sounds fun hey!? S0…
Please ensure the following ate COMPLETE AND (AND!) on your Word Press.
-Independent novel study assignments (3) 
-Halloween howler photoshop assignment (be creative and have some fun)
-Children’s story (view rubric online to ensure you get 100%)
behave for Barton and my sub, Thank you to both of them!)

Monday, November 7
(Students please help my sub to log onto the WP and get the Smartboard up and running!)
Students you must bring your independent novel’s tomorrow for your mini quiz.
Period 2: Biology: Dissection (Ewwwww! jk Barton)
Period 3: Biology with Barton (Remember rascals we don’t have Barton for much longer
Period 4/5: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee,
Mrs. Lever has informed me there are 97 copies of To Kill A Mockingbird down stairs.
Now this novel is BEYOND a classic- so get excited to dive into it.
Many struggle with its depth so be ready to pay attention!
Go down to the library and sign out a copy- return to the room.
Substitute: (Sign one out in Miss Mann’s name for yourself as well.)
Go to the this link. (Students this is also available on the English 20: To Kill a Mockingbird page on this WP.
Please read through this entire page, click and view the video and discuss with students.
Please go through powerpoint as well with students. READ THROUGH UP AND UNTIL Outline and Contract link.
Please read the first 4 pages of this document.
Have students follow along in their own books.
PLAY this video:

Please read with students. Ensure they get to the end of Chapter one.
Go over Chapter 1 questions together as a class.
Students- in point form jot down the answers to the questions on your ENGLISH 20 page.
You may want to make a separate English 20 page called To Kill a Mockingbird like I did.
(To do this: make a new page- then you will see on the right hand side it will say parent. Click that and make English the parent page to this new page. Title your new page To Kill a Mockingbird. Riley please show all students how to do this if they get lost. Maybe take the time and have all students do this. Show them on the SMART BOARD? Thank you Riley!)
Once you have completed this:
Watch the following video. (Photography)
Students: Go to your photography 20 page. Take NOTES! from what this man is saying. Do this on your page.
Yes these will be viewed and yes you will be tested on this!
This guy is a character but he knows his stuff!
Put pictures, links and so on also into your post if it will help you.

Tuesday, November 8
Period 2: Biology: Dissection
Period 3: Biology with Barton (Last period with Barton!) -Bye bye Barton all the best with the baby! (Alliteration)

Period 4:
Prayer service

Period 5:ENGLISH QUIZ on your independent novel study (5 paragraph essay)
Sub: please have all students close the lids on their computers.
Read through this as a class.
When you have completed reading the rest of this from start to finish… students can begin.
STUDENTS: You are only allowed to have a Word document open. You are NOT allowed to be online.
Sub: please circulate the entire length of exam and ensure student questions are addressed

You will have 3-7 choices on what to write this essay about.
Whichever choice you chose you will then rewrite your selection into a well thought out thesis statement.
This thesis statement is the glue for your essay.
Your introduction should introduce the novel and set the stage.

From (Cornelle)

Each body paragraph should focus on ONE element that proves your thesis.
Your conclusion should wrap up and restate.
See General Essay Outline (THIS MUST BE FOLLOWED)
HRHS Style Sheet (MLA)
Citation support:

Citation Support: APA from Cornelle University

Your selection choices are:
A) Agree or disagree. The plot of  your independent novel was seamless.
B) Agree or disagree. The relationship between protagonist and antagonist is perfectly executed.
Thesis example: The relationship between Lee’s protagonist and antagonist is one that draw’s the reader in, develops the plot and leaves the reader satisfied. Then each body paragraph would prove each of these elements listed above.
C) Explain. The plot development of your book.
D) Explain. The theme of your book.
E) Describe the setting and genre–time period, location, etc. Explain how this setting affects the action and characters of the book and its appeal.
F) Discuss what you believe to be the theme of the book.  This essay should examine 3 particular areas/events that prove your assumption.
G) Explain the significance of the title in this essay. Authors do not choose a title randomly.  Usually the tile is symbolic in some way. Chose three specific point/events where you believe we can find insight into the authors purposeful title.

Quotes are a must. You should have at least 2-3 quotations in each paragraph.
This MUST be posted on your WordPress by noon on Friday. NO LATES ALLOWED
Work diligently.

Enjoy your break. You will receive updated marks for all your classes the Tuesday upon returning back. Report cards come out November 17.

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