Sharks… What can the world learn from sharks?

Thank you Rod Stewart and your team for bringing us Shark Water. Everyone you NEED to see this documentary.
Teachers, watch it. Students, watch it. Everyone, watch it.

Photo taken from: (See credits)

Unbelievable and such an outstanding tie into Social Studies 20 and Biology 20.

What can the world learn from sharks?
What can the world learn about human rights… from sharks?
What can we learn about violence and non violence… from sharks?
Sharks were here before the dinosaur lived… One of the oldest living things on earth.


2/3rds of the worlds surface is water.
80 percent of life on earth lives in the ocean.
How do we treat that water? We pollute it.
How do we treat that life (mammals/fish)? We over fish and disrupt patterns, breeding grounds and beyond.

Shark fishermen in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Photos by Rob Stewart.

Students… keep watching, enjoying Stewarts amazing work and thinking about what we as humans are doing to one another, our environment and other living things.
One of you asked about ‘law free waters’ or ‘international waters’.

From wikipedia

From Wikipedia

Are there still pirates in the world? Ask National Geographic!
Pirates protected by EU task force?
Hunt for Somali pirates. (National Geographic Video)

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