Egypt/Palestine- a world apart but together we can…

-please post comments and a well written thought out paragraph for credit in English and Social Studies 20
-yes this it marked
-Riley, Delaine, Mike, Hannah you are not quite excused from this assignment- please see comments below and write your feelings based on the first VC

Prompts for you:
How the media manipulates?
Hearing about the conflict directly from someone.
It is a fight against the government and not about religions?
How do you feel about violence?
Is violence ever justified?
Would you fight if Canada was threatened?
Would fighting be a real choice?
What is oppression?
-Women were forced to give birth at ‘check points’ -babies and women died because they were unable to get to a hospital.
(Think of if this happened to someone you knew who was pregnant and they could not go to the hopsital and had to have a baby in a refugee camp or on the side of the road. Can you imagine? Can you imagine if you were born this way or if your siblings and mother went through this?)

Photo from (Do you believe violence always kills?)

Photo from (Does banding together help?)

How do you show your respect for those who are oppressed? Photo from

Photo directly from Palestine (Photo from:

Mark Thomas and Terry Godwaldt we thank you for your time, energy, passion and beyond.

From the guest speaker:
“Never in history has violence been initiated by the oppressed”-Paulo Frier
How can that initiate it when they they suffer as a result from it?
How can they be the sponsors of this?


12 comments on “Egypt/Palestine- a world apart but together we can…

  1. I believe that violence can be justified, but only if it is provoked, theres a good reason for it, and if it prevents greater violence. If it does not meet those three things, than i don’t believe that violence is necessary.

    • jessiehmann says:

      Hey Riley,
      Good start. Remember this is a full paragraph with facts, quotes and instances to back you up.
      This is for an English and Social Studies mark. You raise some amazing points. Please dig deeper to reveal your true thoughts on these matters. When is it justified? When isn’t it? What draws the lines?

  2. troysb11 says:

    Being non-violent has many different meanings and if you ask 100 people there opinion about non-violence and what it means to them you will get 100 different answers. To me being non-violent means acting in a way that you will not cause harm to other people. That includes not physically harming, mentally abusing, or emotionally abusing one another. Throughout history many groups of people and social activists have resorted to a non-violent way of protest, and many have worked and many have failed.
    In 1930 Mahatma Gandhi started the non-violent protest called the salt march. Gandhi and a bunch of other Indian protestors marched 240 miles to produce salt without paying taxes. That march rattled millions of Indians that saw potential in a revolution, started to follow Gandhi. Gandhi’s non-violent protest was a success and years later Gandhi saw his nation along with a bunch of other Indians that marched along him. This was one of the world first non-violent protests that worked and gained the people the freedom they desired from the British rule.
    Though history has saw many acts of non-violent protests that have worked, there have been some that have not worked. In china we saw one of the most brutal acts of violence against a non-violence protest. In 1989 a group of protestors were protesting in Tiananmen Square peacefully until the people liberation’s army came in under the order of General Mau to kill the protest. In this uprising thousands of people lost their lives, mainly students. This act of violence on a non-violent protest is a dark spot in the history of China and shows, not all non-violent protests work.
    The uprising of people for change has shaped our modern world, and it would not be the same if these events did not occur. Usually non-violent methods are encouraged because being non-violent usually spares lives and causes less separation between the two groups involved. Although non-violence is usually the way to go, history proves that sometimes people have to take action in more violent ways to bring about change.

    Violence is never the right thing to do, but is it can justified. If you are fighting for your life or for your freedom violence is justified. We all have basic human rights and they include: the right to life, right to opinion, and the right to vote for your government. If those rights are taken away and the only way for you to get those rights back is through violence, then it is justified. Non-violence is always the better more mature choice, but if there is no other way to get your rights violence is always an option.

  3. jdubz3 says:

    Media has POWER! If the government can manipulate and control what media leaves the country, then the rest of the world really cannot comprehend what is going on in the time of pearl for people in Palestine. What can a nation do with a corrupt government? What options does this give them to act? I myself believe with the fullest of my heart, violence is never ever the answer. To act violently is inhuman and will not make you any better than the people killing. Regardless of the harm, killing, and damage done, what gives you the right to harm someone else? You do not in any way shape or form, have the right to violate someone’s rights. People are people whether they are bad or good, have rights!

  4. tyhauberr says:

    I think that violence should only be a last resort. Conflict should be resolved by words and they should be resolved in a way that it follows every single article in decoration of human rights. If citizens are willing to die in a chance to get there human rights, theres something very bad thats going on where they live, and changes need to happen. If a countries resources are being stollen the government should step in a negotiate a trade. It must be hard for the citizens to be living a society that the government is corrupt and doing all these things that the citizens do not approve of. Sure this is happening anywhere in the world but it’s really affecting Palestine and Israel.

  5. What really gets to me is that people who choose non-violence ends up getting violence. You really can not choose violence over non-violence when you end up getting violent anyway. Violence is a way of life and it is hard to change it but you can always try to solve the problem without violence. We are humans, it is a part of us but we have a choice to be violent and non-violent. Violence is never justified in my eyes, we should try to talk it out first and hope it ends peacefully. Non-violence is also not justified because some of the people abuse the word. They go around saying that they are not being violent when they really are, tell me how that is justified. You really can not choose between violence and non-violence since they are both not justified and you will just resort to violence anyways. So why did we have rights if no one is listening to what they are going through? If they are just taking advantage of them and the law. I know that the government over in Pakistan is corrupt and they use the citizens money through taxes to do what the citizens don’t want to use it for. The citizens lost so many rights that are off of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, they should have the same rights that we have and the government should not be able to take that away from anyone. Your rights are your rights, violence and non-violence are not part of the rights. Therefore we should not have to choose to be violent and non-violent, we should be able to live in peace no matter where you live.

  6. Apartheid, this has been a word that symbolizes great amounts of discrimination that can lead to violence. Now this is no new thing, Apartheid has existed for a long time. In the VC we had, Omar Barghouti said himself that apartheid has been around for a long period of time. It has been in Africa, when the african americans and white people had a struggle for equality, and it is still around in Palestine with the jewish and non-jewish. This part bothers me quite a bit because we have all been given the freedom to our own thoughts, actions and most importantly, a religion. All people should be able to have their own freedom to a religion, and not have to simply choose one religion. This very choice is one reason why we have free will, to make choices for ourselves. The Palestine government has no right to just start dictating to people that they have to be Jewish or they are kicked out of Palestine. A good example that I believe ties in well is all the wars we have gone through to give countries democracy. By doing this we are basically saying that it’s either democracy or nothing at all. If any of us say that this Palestine situation is a bad thing and that making other countries have democracy is not, then we are all just a bunch of big hypocrites. We are all trying to push our ideals on others without even considering that these other countries may not even want democracy. We should start putting the needs of others, before the needs of ourselves.

  7. During this video conference I have learned that there are countries in the world that are at war. I learned that people are fighting against there leadership, to have a better living. People are wanting a democracy, not a dictatorship. Non-violence or violence, what is the better choice? I feel having taking part in this video conference my answer to this question has changed. Before I felt like non-violence was the way to go. However now I feel like you that can act in a non violent way but when people start to get aggressive with you and others, I would do anything in my power to protect the people who are suffering, even if it involved violence. I would do anything to keep people safe if I was involved. When people are making pregnant women have there babies at borders because they wont let them leave the country, this is breaking their human rights. All humans deserve equal rights.

  8. We deserve to live; we all deserve equal rights, words from Omar. – We are all human.
    I 100% agree with what he is saying there because we are all equal, we are all only humans. People like to think over top of that, because they maybe have more money, or they have a bigger and better social life. You cannot judge people because they are not like you!
    The land God gave to the Israelites was, yes for them. But isn’t all land God’s land? Omar is right “We cannot use God to kill others” and that is right. The land was given to God. But that land is not their land. Land is welcome to everyone. Unless they paid for it, it is not theirs. Killing innocent human being’s is wrong, and that is what is going on.
    Why is this world the way it is!
    Why is it that only one religion is best in some places, why do they have the worst government, why is it that money can buy happiness in those places, why cant money help you buy your happiness, and help buy others happiness, if you are so wealthy why can’t you help others! Why is it not to the point where black atheist people can sit with white Christians, why is it like that.
    Why can’t we have citizens with all different colored skins, or different faiths all in once place? Israel is maybe being a little more racist to the Arabs because that is their land when really it is Gods land. Because is not all land God’s land?
    Schools! Why should people with faith attend a different school than a student with a different faith or color of skin as the kid beside them? It is like saying only males can go to school, but the female’s stay home and clean. That is not right either.
    National Rights over powering Human Rights. That should never happen in this world. Human rights should always fall first; they should follow the human rights that are placed on this earth to be followed.

  9. dariahoegl says:

    Can you imagine what it would be like to be unsafe in your own country?
    Chancing your life for fighting to have freedom of rights in your country.
    How is it possible for us Media Students and millions of people around us not having to ever worry about our rights, but then someone in our world could die just trying to have there rights for there people. It doesn’t make sense but it happens everyday. Humans just like us are dying just for speaking their mind. Is that okay? Are you supposed to sit back and watch your people die just because the government is doing it. Do you think the government is always right? Sometimes the people governing your country are not always correct and could be right down bad. Should Canada not help the holy land in Israel? Is that wrong. God gave it to the Israelites so how is it right for the Palestinians to try and live on that land. This discussion could be both ways and I can not say my opinion cause its tied in with religion, freedom and so much more. There will always be conflict in the world and I do not think it will ever end. It is very important to be aware of what is going on in the world and stand up for what you believe in.

  10. cjgrafstar says:

    Freedom not earned or bought, freedom is a universal right. It is something that should be a way of life, not a reward. Places such as Palestine treat their citizens like they have no rights. This is the perfect example of universal human rights being stripped from people.
    The government in Palestine is extremely corrupt. In a place like Canada, we are so adapt to a democracy and freedom. Palestine on the other hand, does not have that way of life. How would it feel if you knew that you the taxes that you pay are going toward weapons that will kill your family and friends? On top of that, if you refused to pay said taxes, you would be jailed, or killed yourself. How would you feel if your government was so corrupt, there was no justice, and no where to turn when you are in a tough situation. For example: You are being hunted down by a hit man, and you can’t turn to the government for justice.

  11. lukefeist says:

    There are thousands of different kinds of people all around the world, whether they differ due to their race, religions and beliefs. In some countries, such as several different nations in the Middle East, the people are rules by dictators. The people who are citizens of those nations do not know what it feels like to be free and have true human rights. They are treated like peasants. For example in Libya Gaddafi called his own people “rats”; he had no respect for his own people! If the people of a dictated country don’t obey the dictator they could be served severe punishment if not death.

    An average day in Palestine is full of fear, the people of their nation eat fear, and sleep with fear, and their entire life revolves around fear. Is there really any way to resolve these situations? All people will never agree on one way to live life and have the same beliefs in the world. Law, politics, and religion will always differ in individuals beliefs. Why? Human rights give us the right to believe ho we personally see the world.

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