Thank you Mr. Suzuki

Wow, What a cool experience to speak to Mr. David Suzuki,
“Nobody knows how to create or recreate an eco system, only time and nature can create those kinds of systems.” -David Suzuki
This is something we need to notice. This is something we MUST do something about!
We cannot go back in time to undo what has been done. We can however take positive steps into the future to make a difference for later generations.
Litter less, I challenge you.
Turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth, I challenge you.
Take shorter showers, I challenge you.
Buy environmentally friendly vehicles/appliances, I challenge you.
Recycle! I challenge you.
Buy organic clothing, I challenge you.
While I challenge you I also need to challenge myself. We can all be better!

If we participate in living. We must all give thanks for that.
Look at your clothes. Look at what you eat. What were the effects of what you buy and use?
Ask questions, challenge your friends, families and community- challenge companies!
We can give thanks by asking questions, starting small and working to make a difference.

Are you the next Suzuki?
Who does David think is the next Suzuki:
“It has to be embraced by a broad spectrum of people.”

The time is now.


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