NewCap Television and Youth Centre Cheque Presentation

What a great way to end a super week.
Debates are approved- (Soooo excited to shake down next week.)

Thank you Riley for our official 'goofy' debate poster! Hehe

Halloween scavenger hunt is ready for Monday afternoon- everyone dress up!
Lastly make sure you watch NewCap Television at 6 tonight as Shawn/Troy and all of you will be highlighted for your amazing drug and alcohol videos. You helped spread the positive messages to youth all over our region! We are so proud.

Top 3 Video Winners with Mann and Barton

Shawn and Troy getting primed for their on air experience!

New Cap, SGMS and Lloyd Youth Center posing with the champs!

Woot woot! Thank you Megan for stopping by to present the boys with their winnings. Helping you bring positive messages to youth was an awesome experience! Thank you Riley M. for your photoshopping amazingness.

Thank you to the Lloydminster Community Youth Center!

Thank you Lloydminster Area and Drug Strategy!

Have a great safe weekend!

Kathy needs to make some changes at NewCap:
NEWCAP CHANGES: Are these okay crew?
Tuesday, November 1: Sam and Brodie?
Wednesday, November 2: Bailey and Alyssa?
Thursday, November 3: Riley and Shawn?



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