I challenge you students… to appreciate!

This is a free write….

No comprehension.
Do not understand.
Like Jessie Wangler said- We in Canada have no idea what it is like to live in a place where our rights are not protected. Where we are not safe. We have no idea.

Okay to die for the greater good?
Would I be okay to die for the greater good?
‘I got to a place where I was okay to die. I was not scared of it because I knew it was better for my country.’ This is what the woman we connected with from Egypt said today. Unbelievable.

The School of Global Media Studies students are connected to people all over the world as we speak.
Human rights are violated everyday.
We take people in our lives for granted everyday.
We get upset if the traffic is bad, or cell phone isn’t working properly, their isn’t enough hot water or if the food doesn’t taste right. We get upset if a meeting runs late, we miss our lunch break or our clothes don’t fit properly.
-People are getting raped, denied school, infected with HIV. A child does not know the feeling of a full stomach and is so full of worms they do not have the energy to play- will never get an education and if they make their 5th birthday it is a miracle.

We complain.
We complain and complain everyday. People as a whole I mean. About what?
We can do, be and have anything we want while being safe and comfortable.

What do you complain about? Do you have the right to complain?
What happened to people making the most of everything?


2 comments on “I challenge you students… to appreciate!

  1. lukefeist says:

    I complain about my busy schedule, daily. Homework, Sports, Work, Friends, Family. When I look back at thinking that this is a big problem in life, I am wrong. It may get stressful, but thats because I have never been exposed to a real life in danger situations. Us as canadians do not look that the bigger picture. There are people in the world dying, innocent people dying. Yet we are complaining that our lives are stressful? Just because everything in our life may not go the way as planned. People with the incredible gift of peace need to realize that our lives could be worse, we should be grateful for what we have.

  2. Alyssa Dopko says:

    Everyday I complain about something in my life, whether it be my extensively busy schedule, or some family or friend issue. If I take a step back and look at the big picture, I think to myself what am i complaining about? My problems are so small compared to other peoples. So what if I have to dance until 9 and then I have some homework? Life always goes on. For some kids in Africa, they have sit and wonder when is my next meal? How many days do I have left to live.
    Everyone has the right to complain, but no one has the right to complain and not do something about it. Everyday people in Africa are fighting for their lives, and here we are fighting for five minuets of time to sit down and so nothing. There are wars, natural disasters, innocent people dying, and riots, but yet all we care about it when we have a day where we can sit down with some of our friends and have a good time. Is that right? No, but how many people actually take the time to step back and think to themselves why am I complaining about something so small?

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