#sgms101 Plans for today!

Plans for Tuesday, October 25, 2011
(Sorry guys I am away today) 

Period 2: Biology with Barton
Period 3: An Introduction to the Principles of Non-Violence
-Assignment one for first VC
Period 4: Continuing on with Middle Eastern preparation for VC
(Students these links are also available on the Social Studies 20 page in order.)
Period 5: Bio with Barton

SGMS Students:
We are so honoured to have this upcoming VC.
The material you will be going through in next three posts is A) important to the VC and B) important for your Social Studies. Be sure to always be writing as English student as well. Mindful of engaging introductions, a strong body and tight conclusion. The material you are completing today is important as well because it will be forwarded on to the individuals/classrooms also completing the VC. Write all material in the comment boxed after each corresponding blog. You should also copy and paste and put them into your blog as well. (Remember the different between a 70% and a 90% is detail, examples and sourcing your material. Work diligently with the sub today team…. ask questions and get involved. In the groups that have been assigned for you for the final project- please work together as a unit. Thank you and I hope to be feeling better and return tomorrow.

-Your Social Studies 20 Vlogs should be complete. (This has been extended two days.)
(Post to your WordPress if you are comfortable. If not finalize and save.)
We will watch all  vLogs on Wednesday.

-English 20: Your second assignment for your Independent Novel Studies is due FRIDAY. No later. Be diligent in getting this completed. I will begin marking your first assignment today and returning it to you.
(Also your Chldrens Stories will be due the Monday we return from the weekend. I believe that is Halloween day.)

-Thursday (VC with the Middle East)
-Friday (2:00 cheque presentation)

Have a fun day students and be sure to make the most of the material that is being presented to you. Good luck on your Biology test.

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