#3. A History of Violence and Non-Violence in the Middle East

ASSIGNMENT: (Final preparation for Video Conference)

Students are divided into two groups.
Divide class into 4 groups of about five students:
A) violent: Zach, Troy, Hannah, Brodie and Alyssa
B) non-violent: Becci, Rayna, Delaine, Clay and Ty
C) violent: Mike, Riley, Shawn, Kelsey, Joey, Sam
D) non-violent: Bailey, Luke, Daria, Mikayla, Jessie
— that occurred in the Middle East within the last 50 years.

Each group will produce an in-depth posting for this blog (put into a comment).
(These comments will again be marked and submitted. Be sure to put all student names on the blog post to begin. This is a tight deadline so work together with your group to really get into their assignment and help one another out.)

1. Provides a brief 200 word description of the movement that was studied.
2. Includes quotes from two individuals supporting the tactics of this movement and quotes from two individuals opposed to the tactics of this movement.
3. Reflects on the arguments in support of both non-violence and violence to assess whether this movement was justified in the approach it took.

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