The winners are… all of us! #sgms101

What a week!
I am the luckiest teacher alive.
Friday- my favourite day of the week generally but specifically today.
What a blast!
The students prepped for their presentation at Lakeland College, we had an outrageous Social Studies class/debate and we found out who won the local anti drug and awareness commercial contest through the Lloydminster Youth Centre. WE WON!
A huge congratulations to all the SGMS students.
Their videos were sooooo well done that for the first time they are going to air all the student video’s on NewCap television and local radio stations- everyone wins. How can we not be happy with that and honoured to receive so much air time. Wow!
Top honours and 500$ went to Troy SB and Shawn D. They will receive a giant cheque in a presentation at our school on Friday at 2:00pm. Thank you Megan and Cam from the Youth Centre for the opportunity to enhance a project and share a positive message with youth. Watching them hear the news was unlike anything I have ever experienced I think. Mrs. Barton and I are so proud of all you and and enjoy your money boys- you deserve it. You were excited, worked hard and humble about your win. To my class- the support you offered one another… You left me in awe. Luke you almost shut down the telephone lines trying to find out. Everyone- way to go and make the most out of life. Well done crew. I am already working on Shawn’s acceptance video for us all to giggle at and enjoy. Have an incredible and safe weekend guys… You make my life more interesting because you are all in it. I don’t thank you enough.
Thank you Joey H for taking the pictures of the boys below and for organizing our Notebooks for LC- when you are behind the scenes I never worry about a thing.

Shawn D and Troy SB stop celebrating for a second to get a picture.

Pure enjoyment!

Joey- you are the SGMS right hand man, helping everyone, putting yourself out there and challenging us all, I admire your strength
Delaine- your ability to teach yourself, retain information and teach others overwhelms me, you have so much to offer it is insane, literally- wow
Sam- you are the most happy, generous, kind and giving student and person, don’t ever change
Zach- when you are making millions doing something cutting edge and new age, please remember me and share your riches with your SGMS teacher
Mike- the capabilities and connections you are embracing now are going to enhance your future and amaze us all
Clay- your fun loving, up for anything, try anything, help anyone- way about you is something that cannot be matched
Mikayla- when you are traveling the world and changing lives I will say I knew you when, thank you for teaching me your Photoshop tricks- awesome
Rayna- when we read about you in the history books about all the lives you have touched as you visit every corner of the earth- we will wish we got your autograph
Brodie- what a blast you are, your excitement for the things that matter to you is infectious and exciting to witness as a teacher
Becci- your skills and independence is admirable and a quality that will take you anywhere you want to go, you are the Photoshop queen
Luke- your smile brightens a room, you make peoples day better just by being around, unbelievable
Kelsey- you are a pleasure each and every day, your consistency will great possibilities and relationships that will turn your future to gold
Ty- you are a character and someone the SGMS team wouldn’t be the same without, your growth is outstanding
Bailey- when you grab onto something you are passionate about or focused on and share that- there is no better feeling as a teacher,
Troy- your quiet, inquisitive, positive, dedicated and hard working demeanour is unparralled and something I learn from everyday
Riley- you have this brain that is always thinking, creating and wondering- the world is your oyster and we know you are due to invent something we will all rush to stores to buy someday
Daria- I have never heard you complain about one thing, not one, you make the most of everything, don’t lose that as it will always be something others admire in you, I cannot wait to find out which of the many paths you chose in life
Alyssa- you are such an open, generous, self reflective individual, never lose your passion to always be better- you inspire me to work harder as a teacher and as a person
Hannah- are their skills you don’t possess? -It is scary what you are capable of- When you are changing laws and being written about in newspapers remember us!
Jessie- you are a natural leader, people look up to you and to you for answers and just for a laugh, I wish I had your brain capabilities- scary business
Shawn- you are such a super human, I am certain you can be the world’s next Steve Jobs, your intelligence and ability to think outside the box is going to land you exciting adventures I will live vicariously through
Mrs. Barton- you are my hero! I would be lost without you and I admire you. I am so honoured you will be naming your child PJ… wow. You make everyday more fun! And- hey… if I can learn bio- you are a master of your craft

The winning video:

The big reveal video:


2 comments on “The winners are… all of us! #sgms101

  1. JHurley says:

    I agree 100%, but you and Bartski are winners as well! We are all very thankful for the program that you decided to take. Ms. Mann, no matter what, you come to school everyday with a new idea to challenge us to use technology differently. Mrs. Barton, you allow us to learn about that small things, and realize what we have in life, and how much goes on around us. You both let us sit in class and learn about the world. It’s amazing. I hope this program goes on for years, and I know that future students will have as much fun as we are!


  2. dariahoegl says:

    I love this video clip so much, ill never forger Troy and Shans face. So happy for you guys.
    This video clip is amazing makes me laugh every time

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