#sgms101 ‘To do list…’

Human rights. Some get them. Some don’t.
We are told that we are all born free and equal in rights.

I am blown away by my students today. After learning about the United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the efforts of NATO we are each studying an issue in the world where human rights are not followed. There are 30 basic, easy to understand rights in the world- why is it so difficult for people to follow them.

1: Presentation for Lakeland College 
You have all been assigned a job.
-1-2 minute presentation (DUE TOMORROW AFTERNOON!)
-You should have a basic notebook file to email Miss Mann by 2:00 pm.
-Your notebook file should have pictures (use screen capture -shift/command/4)
-You are teaching teachers, have some fun with this (I know some of you are scared but let that fear challenge you!
(We will know by 2:00 pm if we someone from our room won the contest.)

2: Human Rights Vlog (due Monday PM, October 24)
-1-2 minute Vlog on a human rights issue in the world you want to bring awareness to
-remember you should be able to post this on the WordPress unless you have talked to Miss Mann about it
-be sure to recall ALL** human rights this issue violates and build this into your Vlog!
-be sure to put in movement and rant and rave about your issue
-integrate facts into your work to make your opinion believable
(Remember to be considerate to all. The world is a great place because we are different.)

4:  Children’s Story (This is due Thursday, October 27)
You’re an Author  (see bottom of English page)

3: Independent Novel Study (first and second assignment due Friday, October 28)
You should have your book finished by October 25! Get this DONE crew.

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