October 19, 2011

Good morning crew,

Period 2: Bio with Barton

RT: (Students please take your laptops to your RT class.
Remember to tell your home room teacher that you can take your parents through your WordPress.)

Period 3: 
Twitter (hopefully we have it fixed: DMcleaner.com)
Social Studies 20
-Week in Rap (Listen, watch and discuss)
-Universal Declaration of Human Rights (recap) (See SS20 page)
-NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) (See SS20 page)
-Work period on your Human Rights vlog
(Get passionate about an issue. Your job is to bring this issue to the forefront. Yes you will post this on your WordPress. Remember to include facts on a specific issue. Rant, rave and prove your point that human rights are being broken in the world today and we cannot sit back and watch/let this happen.)


Period 4:
Work period on your English assignments.

Period 5:
Photography protocol, memory cards and safety and care.
It is time to get our hands on those Rebels!

Work on properly holding your camera.
Remember lock your elbow- palm up.
The school is your oyster. You will be traveling quietly and respectfully throughout the school. DO NOT bother any other classrooms, students, teachers and so on.
If there is a complaint about you- you will not be allowed out of the classroom for the next two activities. You will have to work quickly and efficiently to complete today’s task.

Take a jumping picture in focus. (Get creative. Do something others won’t)
Take a jumping picture out of focus.
Take a picture exemplifying ‘framing’.
Take a picture exemplifying ‘leading lines’.
Take a picture exemplifying the ‘rule of thirds.’
Work with a friend to take a self portrait of yourself.
Get creative- get edgy- try and represent yourself in a way that speaks to who you are.
**Use props, shoot from different angles.

(Once you have taken all of these photos please return your camera to the PAA area where Miss Mann will show you how to properly put away your camera. Return to the room to upload your pictures. Brighten them up, photoshop them if you want and post all onto your WordPress. Your self portrait MUST be posted on your WordPress ‘About Me’ page before you leave. Then, be sure to hand in your camera card. Thank you.)


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