Want to teach some teachers?

What an opportunity!
The bus is booked!
On October 24, (yes next week!) Lakeland College has invited all of us to come in to their ‘Technology’ class to share the successes of The School of Global Media Studies. At this time we will also be recording presentations for our submission to the national media competition.
Each of you will be speaking on the following topics.
You will have 2-4 minutes to share on the following topics.
Yes this counts for English marks as you will be:
-speaking to a particular audience
-representing and beyond.
**We encourage you to show your own work. Please make sure that at least 50% of your presentation is you talking and sharing.
(There will be 30 students approximately.)
(We will provide you with a rubric for Media Studies and English.)
Remember Lakeland College is allowing us to use some of the best Biology equipment the world has to offer. This is our way to give back to our community and to a flourishing partnership.
You will have one hour to prepare your 2-4 minute presentation.
Then we will practice as a class. (If you did not get finished you will present your ideas for feedback.)

Here are the assignments you have been given: 
Welcome: Mrs. Barton and Miss Mann

Overview of program: Clay and Delaine
(see Word Press- include 5 courses, layout and set the stage
-Why did you become a part of it?)

What a typical day looks like: Rayna and Brodie

Community partners: Riley and Hannah (introduction and overview)
Penny Manners- City of Lloydminster (photography)
NewCap- Kathy Le (spend-a-day) -Show EXAMPLE
The Booster- Chad Gibson (photography)
The Lloydminster Source- Colin Budd (reporting/photographer)
Robb Fenton (sports reporting)
Laura Bushinski- Lakeland College (Biology lab)

Commercial contest:
Megan and Cam- Lloydminster Youth Center
Winner will speak to this.
Winner will show their video (if we win!?)- fingers crossed
Show an example video.

Technologies in use:
Shaun (Twitter) -homework, blog posts, sharing, partnerships (Ask Mann)
Alyssa (MacBook Pro’s and Mini Flips)
Sam (Google Docs, PollDaddy)
Ty (Smart Board)
Bailey (Notebook)
Daria (Senteo Clickers)
Mike (iMovie) –example of City video?
Troy (WordPress)
Becci (Blogging)
Jessie (DSLR and Camera Simulation)

David Suzuki (Mikayla) -ask Barton for email
Middle East VC (Egypt and Palestine) -ask Barton for email
Bio Lab with Lakeland (Joey)

Advice for the Technology/Wrap up:
Zach/Luke (talk to Barton and Mann about this)
Tips for Future Teachers

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