We- the people- a ‘Force of Nature’

On November 2, 2011 Holy Rosary High School and The School of Global Media Studies embarks upon a new opportunity- the opportunity to video conference with the great, David Suzuki. He said “For the first time since life appeared on earth, one species-us- is single handedly altering the physical, chemical and biological nature of earth. We have become a force of nature.” Together we will be learning more about what Suzuki has to say ‘before he dies’. Below is the movie trailer for his new documentary, “Forces of Nature.”
While watching the actual Force of Nature video on October 13- you will comment on this post BELOW your thoughts as they come to you. Keep your computers open and write what your opinions are, questions you may have and so on directly in a comment. These comments will be discussed and read as a class and actual questions selected to ask Suzuki himself. The more the better. Let Suzuki in and let your mind run wild with the important issues he poses.

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  1. great resources here amazed thanks

  2. jessiehmann says:

    ‘Legacy lecture.’
    Wow, to have a career where you share a legacy lecture with the world.
    What will I have to say when I am 75? What will I know? What will I be good at? What will I have missed and what paths could I have, or should I have taken?
    When he speaks people listen. When he shares people open their minds and hearts to him.
    Hundreds of thousands of people swam into lecture halls, classrooms, theatres and more to hear what one man has to say about the ‘Forces of Nature.’

    “Who are we? Why are we here and where are we going?”(David Suzuki, Forces of Nature)
    Who am I? What am I doing here? Where am I going?
    -It is easy to be bogged down in work and let each day come and go, pass by without much thought other than the raging to do list glaring on my Blackberry.
    Sometime it is time to slow down, take some time for ourselves and ask: What is my purpose? What do I want to accomplish in this lifetime and how do I do it?

    Approximately 14 billion years ago the world was created?
    My how it has changed.
    People: We have loved- and we can be so good at loving
    We can hate- and we can hate like no other being on the planet.
    When we should be coveting diversity and difference we often stand against the things that make our life more interesting.
    Culture is disappearing!
    Language is disappearing!
    Millions of people live to travel, explore and enjoy the world. If we continue as is: through globalization we will become a cookie cutter world.
    This scares me. My childrens childrens may not be able to drive through Tuscany and see it in its glory- visit a famous beach where countless languages are spoken and different foods being enjoyed- hear a traditional Japanese bell in a quaint culture rich village…
    Why travel to places where everyone is the same? What would be the point?
    Sad. So sad.

    ‘Population is doubling: We are living twice as long. Our numbers and longevity alone- we have a very HEAVY ecological footprint. It takes a lot of resources to allow us the gift to live. Our numbers and exploding consumptive demand- we are a force. One species is single handedly changing the world. We are a Force of Nature.’ (David Suzuki, Forces of Nature)
    So many people do not view people, human beings as Forces of Nature.
    I disagree.

    **August 6 and August 9 or 1945 we spread atomic material into our atmosphere and killed nearly 300,000 people. Are you telling me that does not have an impact?
    **The year I was born, 1986 on April 26 a fire and explosion erupts in a man made nuclear plant in the Ukraine (Chernobyl). This event tainted the Soviet economy and affected well over half a million people. This doesn’t have an impact?
    **People say the recent disaster in Japan has mother nature solely to blame. Now I am not a scientist, I cannot say climate change made this earth quake and tsunami happen. That would be silly.
    But, Did mother nature put nuclear power plant at the Fukushima Daiichi location? An entire area now to dangerous to inhabit. Homes left empty, communities destroyed, contamination still existing and spreading. Does this not have an impact?

    Are we ‘committing crimes’(Suzuki) by sitting back and watching 38+ million shark’s killed a year? As we pollute our water, consume all our resources, let entire species die out and beyond. “How have we arrived at this moment?”(David Suzuki, Force of Nature) How did we let this happen?
    What can we do? What can I do? It is hard not to feel insignificant- feel helpless- continue on with my day to day and say, “One person can’t make a difference.”

    Tell Barack Obama that: the first African American to be voted president in a country who still encounters the lasting legacy of the painful slave trade history.
    Tell Oprah that.
    Tell Bill Gates that.
    Tell Reed Hastings that.
    Tell Mark Zuckerberg that.
    What would Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, say? (Hundreds of thousands of people have made a difference.)
    Forces of Nature even? Maybe yes. Maybe no.
    Hum…. (Oh the things that make you go hum? What makes you go hum?)

    Are there no limits?

    (More to come…)

  3. jessiehmann says:

    Extension to previous free write intrigued by ‘Force’s of Nature’ by David Suzuki.
    What is my adventure? Suzuki finds fruit flies, data, research and science as an adventure. I don’t. That said I can appreciate his passion and excitement.
    What can I do with my life that will provide me with a deep underlying passion? How can I help to instill that in my students, in my everyday? How can I instill this in my clients? The human ‘brain weighs in at 2 kilograms’ (David Suzuki, Forces of Nature). How do I maximize my capabilities?

    Where have the saber tooth tigers, giant sloths and mammoths gone?
    Are scientists creating bombs and weapons of mass destruction? Biological warfare I believe is scarier than any gun. Will we be exposed to this? Are we smart enough to kill a specific race? I hope not but I think we would be naïve to think humans do not have the intelligence, resources and capacities to create the un-creatable. Scary. Why would we want to? What is wrong with the world!?

    What are my talents?
    What are my short falls?
    We are shorten everything. Jolts per minute- people are in a rush? When do people slow down long enough to enjoy living, to appreciate. I am blown away by students working after school- some from 3:30 until 9. Where is the time to enjoy life? Where is the time to kick back and relax with friends. WHERE IS THE TIME TO DO HOMEWORK? To spend time embracing school so they can build skills and prepare for a career that will MAKE THEM HAPPY? I understand the need to live, support a family… But why the race for certain clothes, phones, car’s, apps and beyond? At 3:30 I am done. Physically and mentally done working for the day. I may mark or plan an entire evening but it is on my own terms, in my own home. Yes I too have a second job but I book my own hours. Students who work 40 hours a week- I commend you for your work ethics but I challenge you to slow down. Take the time to appreciate the weather, your friends, your family, your community- your life.

    I take you back to earlier in my post.
    What will you have to say when you are 75? What will you know? What will you be good at? What will you have missed and what paths could you have, or should you have taken?

    We have lost so much. What can we reclaim.
    What can I reclaim in my life to make me happier?
    Time to cook better, eat better, time to spend in physical activities I enjoy.

    ‘We all started the world with a breath of air.
    A single breath. It is so easy. 2-4 liters of air!’ (David Suzuki, Forces of Nature)
    We all begin life the same. How does who we become so different.
    A starving child born with HIV begins like the same as I do, the same as you do.
    What do we have in common. We all live on earth, we breath the same air, we have the same needs. “There are no boundaries between us.” (David Suzuki, Forces of Nature) Why am I so fortunate and they working to survive when we begin the same.
    How does community… parenting… location… health…. Impact us? We take even this for granted. Not often do we in Canada or those very fortunate in the world stop and say, “Wow, my parents did a pretty good job.” Not often to we say, “I love my hometown, where I grew up and the community members within it.”

    I haven’t had my home stripped from me.
    I haven’t had my family taken away.
    I haven’t lost my livelihood.
    I haven’t been hospitalized because of parasites in my body.
    I speak the language my parents do.
    I can be anything I want.
    I can go home and enjoy safety, peace and freedom.
    Millions and millions and millions cannot say this. I am lucky.
    Does money make us rich?
    I say no. A thousand times over I say no.
    What makes you rich now? What will make you rich when you are 75?

    What are we capable of? What are you capable of? We have the time to make magic happen…. What will you do with your time?

  4. JHurley says:

    The Force of Nature
    We are the force. We put into motion an elaborate plan, set in place from the beginning of time. We are creating effects and living impacts.
    We have events; events the have to happen.
    We have a being, who causes problems.
    This problem then has effects on people, animals, and the world.
    From this problem, it will affect people forever through the impact.

    Science is improving. Everyone can change science and all they have to do is open their eyes to a adapting, shrinking earth. We have the 1 minute left, and we are half full.
    We will reach 7 billion people on October 31st, and 8 billion in 2027.
    It took us 130 years to get to two billion people and now it takes up 16 years to go from seven to eight billion.
    The world is crowded.

    People, or as we are better know as Homo sapiens, are a species in this world. We are not the centre, just a role in this world, till it ends.

    ‘Just as we came from the land, so shall we return to the land’ (David Suzuki, The Force of Nature)

    We are the past generation. We have one goal, and one goal only: to teach the next generation.
    What should we teach them? Two things.
    1) Learn from our mistakes.
    2) Don’t forget what we have done.

    Our past generations are as meaningful as out future generations.
    Remember where we came from, and teach those to come about it.
    Never forget our race, beliefs, and culture.
    If we forget, it is gone.
    Gone for good.

    Family. The true people who are there for you. We do not need wealth or nice things, just people.

    Death is a confusing question. Yet the same answer seems to pop up.
    Should we fear it? No.
    Should we accept it? No.
    Is Death the answer? No.
    Just be ready for it, and remember the life you had.

    Nature is all around. What drives nature to continue on and adapt?
    Most of us think time.
    Some of us say life.
    Their is only on true this that force nature to change and move on.
    That is

    • cjgrafstar says:

      Good questions about death. We just need to learn to embrace it and accept it, because it is inevitable.

    • “Death is a confusing question. Yet the same answer seems to pop up.
      Should we fear it? No.
      Should we accept it? No.
      Is Death the answer? No.
      Just be ready for it, and remember the life you had.”

      You are right when you say we shouldn’t fear death, but we do have to accept it, we cannot rebel against the fact that we are going to die. There are people that maybe don’t believe in why we are put on this earth, but they have to accept that we are put on this earth to live, reproduce, and die. Is death the answer? Yes some times it is, in the end we are all going to die, no one can stop us from dying. There is no logical way that we can live forever, there is no possible way. If there was then it wouldn’t be the answer for God, its not following his laws, and the way he wants it.

    • tyhauberr says:

      Hey Joey, I disagree with some things. I think that the world has more room to expand our population. We have so much land to expand. Mother nature can change it self but we can play a part in that.

    • Joey, I think you have to make answers for your self. Some questions you have asked, are questions that should be made yourself. They should be answered to fit you. As for past generation teaching the next generating. There isn’t only two things to teach them learn from our mistakes and don’t forget what we have done are the things you say but what about be prepared for the future. Focus on what is happening now, don’t dwell upon the past. Make life for yourself, make your own choices, and follow your dreams. There are many more but there isn’t just two.
      I disagree when you say their is only one true thing that forces nature to change and move on , that is us. Nature can move on, on its own. Maybe one day all the animals in the world will over take us. We are not the only force of nature. Anything and everything on this planet is a force of nature. Humans are just a small portion, when we look at the world we see land, lakes, oceans, all different kinds of species, air, clouds, and so on. You can’t just be focused on the human race being a force of nature. Don’t you think that the weather would be a force of nature also? Think about the past, present and future. Sure now we play a bigger part in being a force of nature compared to the past. In the future do you think you will be the a even stronger part?

      Death, death shouldn’t have questions. If its our time to go we will go. We need to accept it. You say don’t fear it, which I agree. You also say should we accept it? No. To me i feel like we should accept death, you might feel sad or emotional if someone you know passes away but you have to accept it. Accepting death is the only answer to moving on. If you don’t accept it you will be stuck in this feeling that won’t make you be your self. You also say is death the answer? No. Don’t you think in some cases it is? What about euthanasia? What if someone is suffering and they want to die? What if someone can’t even live with themselves? Everything in this world should be your own choices. You make your life to be what you want it to be. In the process just respect the environment, people, animals, plants, everything on this earth.

    • jdubz3 says:

      Humans are not always the problem, or at least all humans. You cannot generalize all people in the root disturbing the planet. How can someone change science? You cannot change science that is impossible you can only change the view people take upon science to realize the facts. What says the world is too crowded? How do you know we just aren’t taking the right actions to accommodate all the people? What is telling you we are overcrowded? Humans are the center of Earth, God gave us dominion over all creatures to make the right choices. We are the only species who have the power to change the world so why shouldn’t we be dominant species of the world?

      “Their is only on true this that force nature to change and move on.
      That is

      Are we really the only force of nature? Were the extinction of dinosaurs a natural force? Of course! Where humans the ones who killed dinosaurs? All living and even non living things will have an affect on nature.

      From yours truly!

    • jessiehmann says:

      “Our past generations are as meaningful as ou(r) future generations.
      Remember where we came from, and teach those to come about it.
      Never forget our race, beliefs, and culture.
      If we forget, it is gone.
      Gone for good.”

      I completely agree.
      What do you do to ensure you keep your culture? your beliefs?
      What can we do in the world to ensure others get to do the same?

  5. jdubz3 says:

    It is inevitable that the world changes. This is a force we cannot change and people do not realize this. What we have to do is make the changes better for the world. This whole video I continue to hear everything that is wrong and all the bad things that are going to happen in the world. Everyone can agree with these facts, but it will not help us to hear them over and over. In order for us to truly make a difference we need to here WHY, HOW and WHAT we are going to change to sustain our Earth.

    • You are wrong we have realized that the world is changing. I hear people say that we need to change since the world is changing but the thing is the world is changing everyday. Yet they does to do anything. Maybe it takes someone to tell us about all the bad things that have happened in the world to change our minds about what we are doing. It makes us think if we really know what we are doing is the right thing or are we doing bad things. Someone needs to take a stand and David Suzuki did.

    • tyhauberr says:

      I agree to disagree with this insanity you speak. We have the power to change the world. We have the power to make mother nature stronger by stoping pollution and stopping wars that us atomic bombs.

  6. The bacteria analogy is amazing; how the bacteria double every minute, and at 59 minutes its 50% full, and they think their fine, though a minute later its full. We could be on the verge saturating out biosphere with our increasing population and demands, and we not even know it. We may be fine today, but the problems we have now will increase exponentially with our growth as a species.

    What point are we at now? What about moving to another biosphere (planet)? Would the problems we have carry over to the new planet, or would we fix our mistakes as we start anew?

    The human brain is amazing. What we can do, and what we can create. We have the ability to plan, predict, and recount memories. We are one of the few animals that can do that. Do you think a dog really cares about yesterday? Humans do. A dog may learn that some things are bad, but a human knows why things are bad, and remembers what they did to let them know that things are bad. Dogs live in the present. They don’t care about tomorrow. They don’t anticipate events or outcomes. Humans can. It is those differences from other mammals and animals that have allowed us to prosper, and grow as a species.

    Why can’t any other mammal do this? What makes us so different?

    • jessiehmann says:

      Hey Riley,
      Great points made here.
      Be sure that you always write with proper English.
      I agree- the human brain is amazing- it is time we use it to change and evolve in a positive direction.

  7. cjgrafstar says:

    He says that we are the environment. Just because we influence the planet and the environment itself doesn’t at all mean that we are single handedly the environment. We are only an influence on the environment, because everything around us is the environment. The school, a forest, and my home, is an environment. We are not this. The change in this world will never stop. We are given free choice and free will. Even if you got 99
    % of this world to change for the better, there is still that 1%, or around 70 million people who will rebel against the good. The only thing we can do at this point is make the best of this inevitable change. Change in the world will happen, so we need to look at the glass half full, and understand the good coming out of it. Instead of us trying to stop change, and make it benefit our needs, we need to change ourselves as the world changes. We are too stubborn and to naïve to do this though, and that is what is wrong with this world. The world is not ours, it is a gift from God that we should have treated with more respect.

    • I completely agree with you. They world is changing and we should not try to change anything. We should have respected better in the beginning because now the end is coming near. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

    • Clay,
      I completely agree with you, the world is not entirely ours for the taking, God may have gave us free will, but that doesn’t mean that we should try to benefit ourselves on every chance that we get. Change will never stop, even when humanity is no longer around, but the only way to keep up with change is to be able to adapt to it as best as you can. I don’t think that David Suzuki is right though, that we influence the environment, sure we give it a little push, but we don’t completely control it.

  8. Force of Nature is a documentary that makes us think of what really is happening or happened in the world. We see what affects Pearl Harbour had on the Japanese race. We learn about atoms and how the world was created. North America tried to send a satellite to outer space the size of a grapefruit, but failed miserably. Our generation should try and conserve some of the nature and wonders of this world. If we want our grand kids to experience some of the wonders we have, and for example, one day try tuna or any endangered species will die and our children wont be able to experience them, we are going to have to start conserving them. We need to learn how to not be so greedy and respect the world as we respect ourselves, our belongings, and our families.

    People of this world need to start being realistic. The economy needs to learn how to be more realistic also. WE need to start teaching others to be more realistic. Prepare for the future and change the past. David Suzuki makes it seem like you can start out small and one day eventually you will lead to big things. From student, to scientist, to actor, to professor, to speaker, we witness David Suzuki at his greatest. He is an inspiration to not only me but to everyone around the world. His life story and what he has to share about the world with us makes me wonder, where in the world am i supposed to be, what am i supposed to do, and where will i serve the biggest purpose.

    His father was embarrassingly proud of him, this is what i hope one day my father will think of me. One day i hope he can get passed the disappointment if i didn’t do things well enough for him, the thought he has when i make a wrong choice, or anything that wont make him proud.

    logging companies need to learn that our world , our eco system , our homes, our paradises are places the world needs and if they cut down all the trees from these places they just wont be the same. Environmentalists have been having feuds with the logging companies as long as I can remember. Logging companies need to realize that these places that they want to destroy are the peoples homes or paradises. Grow more trees somewhere, where there is no civilization. Somewhere no one will care or get attached to. Respect the people and environment of this world. It will all pay off one day.

    Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

    “We are the environment, what ever we do to our surroundings we do to ourself.”-David Suzuki

    All humans are connected, all species are connected. Argon atoms are what we breath in when we take a breath. We could be breathing in the same atoms that King Louis the 16th breathed in, we could be breathing in atoms that have been in the lungs of Osama Bin Ladin, Adolf Hitler, George Bush, basically anyone who has lived or is living on this planet.

    There is just so much information in David Suzukis mind. I hope that one day i can be as educated as him. One day I hope I can share my story and teach people about the earth, I hope I will be able to one day share what I have learned and experienced in my life time. I want to make a difference. I want people to respect me and respect everyone and everything. We need to think about the future, Together we can make a difference.

  9. scdoll12 says:

    As science has evolved so has the environment and our culture. As David Suzuki has talk about his life’s journey I have realized that the world has become a different place and that we indeed have a lasting effect on the environment. As he has said all that we have done in the past century has changed nature today. At times he even had said that it had seem like we had even found a way to kill nature with the atomic bomb, but life found a way. Plants had started to grow again in Hiroshima. Even after the most devastating events, nature lived.
    I agree that we have become “A Force of Nature”. We shaped the way that nature grows and acts. David talked about this point several times and has made it very clear we cannot depend on nature to fix everything but nature depends in us.
    Life connects the past, present and future. Anything we do to the air we do to ourselves. When we measure things to an economic value the things that mean the most to us are worthless.
    He said we have a chance to show nature what our species is really made of and what we are about. This is totally true because we have the chance to change the course of nature for the best, but if we continue on the path we are on nature will no longer exist as we know it and as a friend of mankind. We need to respect the air we breathe and the water we drink because those will be the things that future generation will need and depend on.
    We are a force of nature and we need to adhere to nature and adapt to the way the world is changing.

    • I disagree with the point you made about life connecting the past, present and future. It doesn’t it has influenced all of those things, but it hasn’t connected them. There was a point where there was no life on earth, and there will come a time when life will seise to exist on earth. Life itself can’t connect things that happened to things that will happen; only the effects of life.

      • lukefeist says:

        I disagree with your comment on “When we measure things to an economic value the things that mean the most to us are worthless.” How are the ‘things’ that mean the most to us are worthless. Are you talking about needs in life, like water, food. Or are you talking about material wants that we have, like clothing brands, iPhones, etc. Everything has value in the world. Economics will always be included in our world, our daily lives will ALWAYS revolve around that.

  10. Suzuki talks a lot about cultures in this film. He talks about how he was segregated from everyone when he was a child growing up in war times. The white people didn’t like him because he looked Japanese, and the Japanese people didn’t like him because he didn’t speak Japanese. In Canada, everyone is an immigrant. It doesn’t matter whether you took a boat from Europe, an airplane from Africa, or even if you are a “native” who crossed the Bering Strait. We all have the same rights when it comes to land, and who can live on it. When Suzuki lived in Leamington, Ontario, they were the first “coloured” family to stay there overnight. The white people said that coloured people couldn’t live there. Who says that the white people can live there? We should enjoy the variety of culture while we still have the chance. Eventually, due to the acculturation that comes with globalization, we will only have one culture. In an interview with one of the members of the Haida nation in British Columbia, Suzuki asks, “What would happen if they cut down all the trees?” The Haida man replies, “we would end up the same as everyone else.” In our world today, languages are being lost, traditions are being forgotten, and culture is being destroyed.

    I disagree with Dr. Suzuki when he talks about the economy. He says that the economy, especially capitalism, is limiting us and what we can do. I, however, believe that this is not the case at all. Every successful, first-world country has a capitalistic economy. Another thing I disagree with is how he says that there will soon not be room in the world for everyone. He compared our overpopulation to bacteria in a test tube. In the test tube, the bacteria grow exponentially; their population doubles every minute. If the test tube is full after an hour, this means that at 59 minutes, the test tube is only half full. Due to capitalism, we are constantly trying to come up with new and better solutions to our problems. And one of these problems that we are overcoming is overpopulation. We can now manage our resources better, allowing more people to survive. And without the competition of a free market, the world would already be full.

    Another thing I find interesting is how he talks about how everything we have now is made up of things that existed since the beginning of time. It is amazing how we are breathing the same air Jesus breathed. And the water that I just drank could have went into space with a group of astronauts.

  11. He was telling about his young childhood and he was saying how white people did not want to do anything with him because he was not the same as what they were. And the Chinese kids never wanted to do things with him, I see how it would be a very hard childhood. Just seeing how he lived with kids not wanting to do anything with him made me realize how hard it must be to move somewhere, where no one is like you. To me I do not believe in treating someone differently just because they come from a different country. We all have to realize that everyone looks differently but in the inside we are all the same. we all have feeling and emotions and everything that others have. He did a very good job at showing how he remembers things and what he had to go through growing up. David Suzuki had to go through many challenging things like people not believing him, people not wanting to associate with him, and people treating him differently because they saw him as someone who was different and not like them. I think it is great that even tho Suzuki went through many challenging times he kept his head up. Many people once they hear things like that about them begin to have no self-confidence and are not social with others. In my opinion I think if David Suzuki was not as motivated and so open with his life I do not think he would be where he is now. He is an amazing man who has done so many wonders in life and he has influenced so many people.

    Some questions I have would be:
    1) What is everyone going to try and do to to help out our planet? That will actually work.
    2) what do you think is causing most of the air problems?

    • Why do you think that his problems made him the biologist he is today? Did the racism make him better at understanding Science? So if he wasn’t bullied when he was a child you think he’d be where he is now?

      1) are you going to even try to do anything to change the pollution, or are you going to contribute to even more, do you drive to pointless places when you could walk, do you recycle, do you help? if not why? it only harms you in the end.. its not only going to effect you. or the people of our time, we’re hurting people of the future,
      if you do try to help, what else can you do? what else can you do than just, turning off your lights or throwing your cans in a recycle bin.

      2) What do YOU think is causing problems? do you think our generation are spoiled and take everything that we are given like clean soil, clean water, clean air, for granted? I do, Do you think that people care, People know about everything that themselves are doing.. they don’t car there too obsessed with looking good and being the top priority in society. But once they over use everything, its gone! how are they going to look when the world is used up, and people are dying because of everyone else’s doing, because they couldn’t walk a few blocks or wait to throw there garbage in a trash can while driving down the highway, or they have to get a lift kit on their Ford F-350 because everyone thinks you look better when you have a heavy truck 15 feet up.

  12. Force of Nature by: David Suzuki

    After Pearl Harbor the B.C government said that they basically said that they couldn’t trust them because they were Japanese even thought they where born in Canada, decided they did not want to have Japanese people living among them anymore. “I was a loner in the camps because I could not speak Japanese,”(David Suzuki) I don’t see why they would do that to someone who is form the same culture, even though you didn’t speak Japanese. Lets not forget what the atomic bomb did. The atomic bomb killed tons of people, and tens of thousands of people survived with life threatening injuries. The bomb almost sterilized a part of Japan when it hit. Now they honor the people who did when the atomic bomb hit.

    “We have to be realistic, the economy is the bottom line”(Suzuki) the environment is changing. “We arrived 150 thousand years ago in Africa”(Suzuki). The human brain that contained knowledge that no other animal had, and foresight is warning us. “We have became a new force on the planet, we have become a force of nature.” (Suzuki) How can we change this? We growing at a rate that we have never seen in 60 million years and that the economic crisis is only second to the great depression. There are two words that make up the word crisis in Japanese and they are danger and opportunity. “I believe that today’s children that they will look back on this they will say that this is a crime we are being criminals” (Suzuki). We will not be able to show the natural wonders to our grandchildren at this rate.

    “If we improve science life would get better/ Viruses were immune to everything at the time,”(Suzuki) and now they are getting smarter then ever before. Thanks to science we have discover penicillin and other antibiotics. Have we ever learned to use the technology for good or have we just used it for destruction?

    The four sacred elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. “We are air, if I am air and you are air then I am you”(Suzuki) What do you really mean? “Air is more then part of the biosphere it is a sacred element. We are air what ever you do to the air it is affecting you as well and that goes for all of the sacred elements.”(Suzuki) This knowledge about the sacred elements are mind blowing.

    “In economic value the things that are worth most to us are worthless/each year will be a gift” (Suzuki) it is true that each year is a gift so you should spend with the people you love and doing the things you always wanted to try. The most wealthy person alive is not ones that has tons of money or lots of possessions, it is the people who have loving family and lots of friends and all the wonderful memories you made with the ones you love. Wealth should not be based on what you have and how much money you have, that is not wealth. Wealth is the amount of memories you have made, the love of your family, and friends. With all of this everyone is a wealthy person to me.

  13. lukefeist says:

    Why do we act the way we do?
    Will we all be identical one day?
    Is the success in technology the reason why we are changing everyday?
    Who makes us the people we are?
    Does TV affect the way we live out daily lives?
    Can nature ever go back to the way it was before humans started polluting?
    Are we the cause of natural disasters? Tornados, Hurricanes Tsunamis, etc.
    Is it too late to recover for our mistakes and challenges in the world? Natural disasters, Economy crisis’, pollution.
    Is there a reason why humans came to earth? Are we here for a purpose? If so, what is the purpose?
    How many people can the world support?
    We have two major emotions- Love or Hate. Why is there nothing in between? what causes us to hate or love?

    • These are a lot of many great questions that we are always wondering about and trying to figure out. Your right why do we act the way we do? We always say we are going to change but then we never do. Lots of people will say they will stop littering but do they really? No they keep doing it. good questions

    • Alyssa Dopko says:

      We are the answers to all of these questions. You are the one that can answers a vast majority of these questions, no one else. We are the ones that cause pollution, we control economy crisis’. Its all up to us. Science can answer your other questions, if you take the time to look deeper into these questions, you’ll find the deeper meaning. The questions you ask, and the answers you receive are strictly up to you.
      How many people can the world support? That is un-answerable. We really don’t know. More and more people are entering into our world each and every day. That question will always remain un-answerable.
      Love and Hate are to strong emotions, but there is an in between. It’s called civil or like.

    • Daria Hoegl says:

      ‘ Is the success in technology the reason why we are changing everyday’.
      this statement really stands out to me because i strongly think it is true. So many people now a days only rely on there phones , computers and so much more. We think we cant live without it but really 50 years ago or less no one had as much technology as they do today and i think people were a lot more happy and aware of so much more around them. I agree technology is great but one day its gonna end and shut down.
      ‘Does TV affect the way we live out daily lives’
      TV definitely affects our lives a lot in my opinion. It can take our time away from the important things in our lives. It wouldn’t be so bad but the things that get put on TV can be so brainwashing and simple Stupid. People need to have boundaries and values, they shouldn’t look up to what the see on TV.
      ‘Can nature ever go back to the way it was before humans started polluting’.
      i dont think nature can ever go back because we damage it from certain things we do. We even damage our nature when we waste paper. Its hard to always know when we are affecting nature because we are so use to it happening everyday. We just need to be aware of how things can affect the environment.

    • Daria Hoegl says:

      ‘ Is the success in technology the reason why we are changing everyday’.
      this statement really stands out to me because i strongly think it is true. So many people now a days only rely on there phones , computers and so much more. We think we cant live without it but really 50 years ago or less no one had as much technology as they do today and i think people were a lot more happy and aware of so much more around them. I agree technology is great but one day its gonna end and shut down.
      ‘Does TV affect the way we live out daily lives’
      TV definitely affects our lives a lot in my opinion. It can take our time away from the important things in our lives. It wouldn’t be so bad but the things that get put on TV can be so brainwashing and simple Stupid. People need to have boundaries and values, they shouldn’t look up to what the see on TV.
      ‘Can nature ever go back to the way it was before humans started polluting’.
      i dont think nature can ever go back because we damage it from certain things we do. We even damage our nature when we waste paper. Its hard to always know when we are affecting nature because we are so use to it happening everyday. We just need to be aware of how things can affect the environment.

  14. Daria Hoegl says:

    ‘Force of Nature’
    Out standing photography and background music that caught my attention at the start of the documentary. David really appreciates all nature and knows each resource and specie has a major role in our world. He said slews are very beautiful and serves a purpose witch made me think that we got to be thankful for everything around us. To me David seems very wise man that has great ideas and theories. He speaks through facts and experiences that he has, witch I think is very important.

    I think we should all try to be like David not only just look on the surface but try to understand the depth and true meaning of the world and different areas of it. With David Suzki’s statements really shows that humans are all capable of doing and finding so much out about whats around us in nature. There is so much that is a mystery and knowing what is backing everything up can be very beneficial. David said the land and fish and lakes are all connected. Without fresh water, animals and everything in nature even air, it would not work as it should, Everything is interconnected.

    ‘We are Air’, David says what we do, we do to ourselves because we are air. That is a profound theory because everything that we do to ourselves, nature and others it affects us because we are all together in this planet and everything can connect. Our bodies are 70% water and we breath the air that others breath in and out, thinking about this really shows how we are the same as other humans and how nature affects us. This documentary is a great way to get another understanding on nature and how things may work.

  15. Alyssa Dopko says:

    Force of Nature: David Suzuki

    David Suzuki is so inspirational, anyone who hears him speak is instantly intrigued an has a tremendous amount of respect for him. He speaks his mind, and gives his opinion on whats going to happen later in life. Not all people agree with his opinion, but everyone has enough respect and common sense to listen to his words and take them into consideration. David is legendary, it takes a lot of courage for someone to be able to openly express their opinion.

    It’s all about the future generation, we are going to shape the world, but if you really think about it, it was also the past generation too. Each and every generation shapes our world in different way. Look at it from a technological aspect. Before this generation, cellphones were to big to fit in our pockets, they were as big as land lines, now we have slim no flip touch screen cellphones that we could fit in the side of our shoe if we really wanted. Each generation gives us a new take on life. The next generation might give us a see through T.V screen, Who knows?

    “Science, everything is built by the art of Science.” (Force of Nature: David Suzuki) That was stated and elaborated on multiple times. It is a very true statement though. Without Science our lives here on earth would be a bunch of questions. We’d live our life wondering. Wondering why is the grass green ? Why is the sky blue? Science is the root to all of our questions. I gives us the answers to the unthinkable. With a little research you can get answers to the unimaginable.

    “We are Air,”(Force of Nature: David Suzuki) This is one of the utmost powerful statements I have ever heard. This quote can be taken in so many ways, you can look at it in so many different aspects. We, he talks about us as a whole, the world, he sees us all equally. Are, he is giving the world all the same stereotype. Air, as if we are all interconnected through the tiniest particle. This statement is a statement that lets us know we are all interconnected, no matter what we think.

    • lukefeist says:

      I agree with everything in your response, especially when you said “Science is the root to all questions in life”. If there was no science we wouldn’t have the technology to answer the majority of the questions that we have answered or that will be answered in the future as technology gets smarter and stronger!

  16. tyhauberr says:

    David Suzuki is a very intelligent man. Nature is the key to the world. What ever man kind does it will change the future either negatively or positively. David has so much knowledge on nature and science. Everyone should listen to what David has to say about the world and what we are doing to it. Davids mind is over flowing with knowledge of the things that we can do to change the world.
    We are the force that can change nature. We are the people that can change the future.

  17. “We are air, whatever we do to the air, we do to ourselves” – David Suzuki .

    What do you think the most important thing is about solving the air problems ?

    Canadians often joke that we’re looking forward to global warming. You know our winters. Will we be relaxing on tropical beaches in 20 years?

    Why do you want this video as your last words?

    • Alyssa Dopko says:

      Ya, we may be joking about Global Warming, but it is happening. Our winter has nothing to do with anything. It’s the greenhouse gases and all the other pollutants out in our world that is the cause of all this. In 20 years who knows where we will be, but if this Global warming keeps going on, I can guarantee it isn’t going to be anything like sitting in Puerto Viarta, or a beach in Maui.

      • I agree with that. Our icebergs are melting and the water is rising, but here we are, just sitting around in our beautiful homes and driving our fancy cars. Society is so blinded by everything around us that we are unable to stop and actually take a look around at what is truly happening.

      • I agree with Alyssa. We do joke. And she is right. In 20 years we might not have winters, but that doesn’t mean we will have beaches. We might not even have water we can swim in. There are so many things that you can only think that could happen. Its not anything to be joking about, who knows. There might not even be beaches at all. The weather might drop like crazy, WE DON’T KNOW. Thats what I find strives us. But it cant be pushed anymore than what it already has. I think Canada is going to get over populated the resources are going to run out. The ocean front places are going to flood, everyone is going to move in. We never truly look at where the world is going.

    • The biggest air problem we have would be the green house gasses and other pollution huge companies are putting out. We all think its not a big deal and we are not really worry about how it is going to affect us in the future. But we all need to realize that this is going to be in our future and we are going to be affected by this.

      • mikeycarroll says:

        Do we really all think it’s not a big deal? Every single day I hear about people worrying about all of these crazy green house gasses. People don’t stop complaining about how huge companies are going to ruin the world, and yet these same people (and there are a ton of them) are doing nothing but complain that no one is doing anything. All these people are just trying to raise awareness to people who are all ready aware.
        You said these huge companies are polluting the world, without taking any responsibility your self. Do you drive a car? Do you go to school? Do you use the sidewalks or roads? Do you go to the hospital ever? All these thing use oil and gas that come from the oil sand (I assume when you said huge companies pollute the world, you are like the thousands of others who are talking about the oil sands). You would not be able to live in this society today without those big companies producing oil.

  18. David Suzuki is such an amazing man, he is so brilliant! He knows how to start a conversation, and he knows what he is talking about. When he dies his speech will be known forever, what he believes will be known for ever. I have so much respect for him, he speaks common sense, and it does take a lot of courage to stand up infront of possibly thousands of people. Maybe not all people or few people agree with his thoughts, but I know everyone respects him in some way.

    His opinions do matter. He cares about the future, and he cares what his family is going to grow up in that is why it is so important to get his message out. When he says “We are air,” (Force of Nature: Suzuki, D) That touched me deep, especially because he says that when we exhale it goes back into the air, and through someone else’s nose/mouth. If we are air and they breath our air, we are them, and they are us. Each generation there are thousands of new people on this earth, new life, new air breathing mammals. More life for us to share, we all make this world. Without life, this world would not be the same.

    From cell phones to MacBooks we are experiencing new things every day of this life time. We genuinely need to accept everything and all the hard work people are putting into this world for the future. His film is very good, and I did enjoy watching and listening to it.

    Questions I have are;
    What is he going to do, maybe some kind of movement, or change in the worlds bad habits?
    When is this movement going to take place if there is one?

  19. Force of Nature
    There has been so much controversy over the events in creation. Every single religion has their own single belief over how all life began. Most religions have a similar type of story, but science has other answers. David Suzuki says, “Some of these creation stories are so out of this world that they are hard to believe.” Well to this I say, not true. If you can be so strongly attached to your religion and can believe these stories, in fact base your way of life on it, then it is true. Science’s explanation of creation is no better, it talks about atoms and particles forming stars in an instant that they call the “Big Bang Theory”. To person that is hearing this theory for the very first time is not going to believe it. As advanced and as useful science is to our world, it is not going to give us the answers to everything. Sure it has given us evolution, the Atomic Bomb and many other things. If you can take a look at this from a religious perspective, say a Christian one, when you hear about creation, you would think of God and how he made us from dust. This is probably the most controversial part of creation theories, but in a sense, are these two theories really that different? Christianity views it as God making life from dust, whereas the “Big Bang Theory” talks of atoms and particles that form as one to create stars almost instantly. If you really look at it, both seem fairly hard to believe, you could almost think that the two are one in the same, but told from different perspectives. By even considering this idea, it makes me think that at one point, this was all one story, but overtime as it was passed down the story got in a way, lost in translation.

    Suzuki later states that, “Out of all these particles being formed, somewhere in the farthest corners of the cosmos, in our galaxy, one life form was created with a sense of awareness and it looked around and saw a chaotic world that it brought order to.” When he mentions that order was brought upon a chaotic world, one single being wouldn’t even have close to the amount of power needed in order to make a world ordered. Which is why the story makes sense, from a Christian view, that God created everything. There is even a passage in the bible that he gives power to man over all living creatures so that they may know order. Without God to give power to man, our world would be utter chaos. Actually, without God we would cease to exist and none of the things we take for granted would be around. People may say that science and religion are two different things, but I think that in a sense they are close to the same.

    • cjgrafstar says:

      I really like how you state that religion and science are close to the same. Most people are biased and either choose one over the other. The fact is, they are both related so closely, that they can interact with each other.

  20. Clay,
    I completely agree with you, the world is not entirely ours for the taking, God may have gave us free will, but that doesn’t mean that we should try to benefit ourselves on every chance that we get. Change will never stop, even when humanity is no longer around, but the only way to keep up with change is to be able to adapt to it as best as you can. I don’t think that David Suzuki is right though, that we influence the environment, sure we give it a little push, but we don’t completely control it.

  21. Michael Carroll says:

    My greatest argument against David Suzuki is when he talks about the economy. He said that capitalism and free trade is not a good thing. He said the economy and free trade limit us and that they are only figments of our imagination. I disagree with these comments with a passion. He said he is proud to be Canadian, while at the same time he also says capitalism and free market is bad. Canada was built off the idea of capitalism and free trade. Free trade represents what democracy is and stands for. To say that capitalism is limiting, to say that free market is part of our imagination,is to say socialism is right. Socialism leads to communism, and to say that communism is a better way to run a country than democracy is to say Cuba has a better government than Canada or the U.S.A. That is up to an individual, however any one who is alive and can think can see that what has happened to the Soviet Union or what is happening right now in Cuba is not what we want here in Canada. The environment is important but to say that the environment is the only important thing just doesn’t work. With out the stock market, we would have a lot more problems in the world right now then we have with it.

    David Suzuki said that we created economy even though this is also not true. Economy has been around for ever. Even before people, economy existed amongst animals. The dinosaurs fought and killed each other over resources. We are not the first species to need resources or even want them. We are just more advanced and are aware of economy and thus we are able to sort it on stock markets.

  22. troysb11 says:

    Who is the force that drives this world?

    We are the beings that make this Earth what it is today. If we were not here, Earth would not have a purpose and it would be a random rock that floats through the black void of space. We are different. Different from every other being on Earth. It is the intelligence that we have and the unbelievable memory storage of the human brain that make us unlike any other being on Earth. If we were not meant to be the dominant species that rules the Earth, why don’t we see dogs building skyscrapers? Why don’t we see birds coming up with ideas to fix climate change? The fact is they cant and we can. We are the one that make these beautiful megastuctures and we are ones that need to come up with the solutions for the problems we cause.

    Every good thing comes with a bad side. We are no exception to that. Even though we make the beautiful urban jungles and the technological luxuries of today, we cause bad things also. Human greed causes war and conflict. Human demand causes irreversible damages on the environment. We are causing these problems and wrecking the necessities in life to get our desires. We can live without the latest and greatest, but we can not live for 3 minutes without the most precious thing of all air.

    It it is amazing just how fast problems can creep up on us without us realizing them as an immediate threat. As David Suzuki refers to bacteria to simulate this problem shows what we could be up for. He shows that problems will creep up on us one minute and be a complete train wreck a minute later. With the bacteria they were at 50% capacity one minute and 100% the next. That is the same with humans. We humans are looking at short term contracts that will only make our lives better and completely forget about future generation. We are looking at 20 years when we should be looking at 500 years.

    Humans cause good things and bad things. Somethings are caused in lifetimes and some are caused over generations. With the impact and influence we have on everything, how can’t we be great forces of nature.

    • mikeycarroll says:

      Troy, when you said greed is bad and creates wars you are half right. Greed can cause conflict it’s true, but people seem to never look at the good side of greed. Here is a quote from one of the greatest movies ever written, Wall Street; ” Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind.” This quote is 100% true. Greed isn’t just about people being cruel to obtain a higher net worth than the guy next to them. Greed has built our nation. If countries in the 1400-1800’s didn’t desire and have the greed to find more than what they have, we would not be living in this sovereign nation today. I talked about dinosaurs in an earlier comment, so I am going to use them as an example here again. Humans are not the only species to display greed. Carnivores would kill herbivores for food. They would kill other animals for the benefit of their own life. Now that is a sick extreme of greed but we except it as nature. Greed is natural. It lies within the very existence of every species on earth. It is ridiculous how people only ever see greed in a way that is evil. We are here and alive because of greed, you better warm up to it because it is going no where.

  23. raynamartens says:

    Subconscious suicide. The things we eat, the clothes we wear, the vehicles we drive, the pens we write with…are they condemning our world to its death? Too much food consumption in America. Famine in Africa. We’ve seen this in newspaper headlines. Child labour, heard of that. Gasoline pollution, witnessed that. Companies making thousands of dollars a minute, and losing it all the next, we have experienced that. This world is a roller coaster. The kind that weakens your knees and turns your stomach upside down causing you to hurl. The one you are absolutely terrified to ride. We are never in one spot. We never pause. We never seem to cease from the business of life. We are in constant motion, racing up and then suddenly dropping. The question is, where are we moving to? Are we making new paths to follow each day or are we continually going in circles, like a Canadian Aboriginal’s holistic worldview. It is your decision to make a new path daily, or to follow the rest of the world and conform rather than transform. The world never stops moving, if you stop moving-you will be left behind, forgotten and trampled on.

  24. I love the point about opportunity and danger being the definition to crisis.
    Do we need a crisis in order for us to see the an opportunity for change?
    throughout history many huge problems have lead to great change; both the world wars especially the second world war.

    how do we know our limits? How is the world to know hope many people we can handle and once we know how many how will we stop the population from growing?

    Science as a lake is a great analogy. All the part of science is interconnected. When scientists come up with new theories are help to further all of or a lot of different part of science. All the part of science can be used for good or bad. Science has saved thousands of lives and has ended thousands in a matter of seconds. Studies done by one scientist to better understand the genetic make up of one virus can be used by another scientist to create a new type of biological warfare. How can we stop this from happening?

    Much like the parts of science, the world is also all interconnected. Every thing depends on every thing else. Interdependence is a key to keeping our world healthy. The worlds as an ecosystem needs to be kept balanced like a beating drum

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