What the world has created is a means to do and be anything you want. Your limits are yourself and if you believe anything is possible- there are means to get into touch with people who can make this happen for and with you. Now, I am not saying that you can fly to Pluto tomorrow: BUT, if that was extremely important to you and something you felt you could accomplish overnight- social media and networking can at least get you in touch with people from all over the world who have a similar dream- and that is just the beginning. Students: start looking into paths that interest you. Break the mold- push the envelop- step on the box and beyond. The sky is not even the limit with your generation.

We as educators are preparing you for a world that hasn’t been created. It changes every second- so believe the impossible is possible and when it doesn’t seem that it is- find people who support your similar dream- you just never know. Lots of thoughts about Mark Zuckerberg and the late, Steve Jobs today. Thank you for proving the impossible and come on- Who doesn’t love Facebook and its power. Happy posting, tweeting, uploading and creating your future- it is yours to manipulate.


What a day.
What a first month of school.
Where has the time gone?
I want to take a few minutes to sit down and throw out some thank you’s and comments. First of all to the students with The School of Global Media Studies-
The sense of family we have created in the classroom is one I enjoy each and everyday. I am so proud of your videos, anecdotes, choral readings and success with Bartons Biology. Well done crew and thank you for being a part of a new age project that is unique in the world. I learn more from you in a day than you could ever learn from me.

Remember whatever you want to do and learn, The City- Penny Manners and myself can make that happen for you. Penny- there are no words to express how wonderful you and everyone from City Hall have been to us. We so hope you are enjoying the photography we sent your way and look forward to working with you for our final Media Studies project.

To Kathy Le with NewCap television. We will say, “I knew her when..” about you some day. Your willingness to share your passion and involve our students directly in it- will follow them throughout their lives. The skills they learn with you- cannot be duplicated in the classroom.

To Barton- your technological brain and biology heart make each day just that much better!

To Colin Budd with The Lloydminster Source and Chad Gibson with the Meridian Booster: YOU ARE OUTSTANDING! Thank you for allowing our students into the lives of photographers and reporters.

To Lakeland College- we cannot wait to dive into microscopes and equipment with you! We are so looking forward to presenting to your Media Studies class. What an honour. We will see you all Monday, October 24!

Lastly, to the crew involved with Mr. David Suzuki- we look forward to working with you on November 2. Mr. Suzuki- we are eagerly awaiting your comments as they relate to your movie, Forces of Nature.

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