Friday, Sub Plans

Greetings guys,
I am away today with an appointment. Trust me I would rather be with you guys!
Thank you to the substitute who is filling in for me.

Period 1 9:00-10:00 (No SGMS at this time.)
Period 2 10:10-11:10 (Mrs. Barton will be teaching you Biology at this time.)
Period 3 11:20-12:20 ELA: You should have started reading your Independent Novels!
Please take the time before lunch to read and begin working on your projects.
Independent Novel Project
Your first assignment is due next week. Begin working diligently as lates will hurt you during mini quizzes and exams individualized to your novel.
(If for some insanely horrible reason you do not have a book at this time- Make your way to the library, find a book and GET MOVING! Find a book you love, something that will challenge you. You have a 3 day weekend- get the first half of this book completed.)
You WILL NOT receive more class time to work on this. Visit the project page and see what you think, select a choice that can be started or completed this early in the book, read and begin working.

Period 4 1:15-2:15 Media Studies
Please visit the Media Studies 20 page on the Word Press.
Read this over as a class. Discuss.
Grab the booklets on the top right hand side of the desk and go through the marked pages with students.
Period 5 2:20-3:20 Photography Mania and Social Studies catch up!
We get access to the Canon Rebel’s next week! We also welcome Chad Gibson from the Meridian Booster back into the classroom Tuesday at 2:00 to spend some more time sharing his passion and skills with us. We are soooo lucky.
Visit again. Fiddle with aperture, ISO and shutter.
This is some study time to make sure you know:
1)Do you know what a shutter speed it?
What happens at a high shutter speed?
What happens at a low shutter speed?
2)Do you know what aperture means?
What happens at a high aperture?
What happened at a low aperture?
3)Do you know what ISO means?
What happens with a high ISO?
What happens with a low ISO?
4)Do you know what DSLR stands for?
**Have you uploaded your Camera Sim Photos?
**Have you uploaded your Bird’s Eye View Photos and Angry photo?
After this: Please make sure your Blog Post for your Globalization assignment is done.
That your questions from Globalization and Population are also completed as you will have a mini quiz on this next week! (THESE QUESTIONS MUST BE POSTED ON A COMMENT directly on the Where’s Waldo Blog Post. (THIS IS DUE TODAY! Tight deadline.)
I honestly believe for you guys there are more opportunities in the world than ever before. The sky is not even the limit with your generation. I am proud of each and every one of you. We will be continuing with NewCap Television, pick up some more time with The City and anything else you want to do within the classroom or community- let’s make it happen. Each of you is capable of great things. An incredibly innovative man passed away this week, Steve Jobs- I know we discussed his passing in class already but: “Do you have the capabilities to change the world?” The answer to this question is YES. Thank you Steve Jobs for all you gave us, we use your creations each and everyday within our classroom and our lives. Let his personal legacy live on through you as you work hard, try new things, create the impossible and make magic happen. Have an incredible Thanksgiving and I will see all of you Tuesday. Take some time this weekend to pat yourself on the back and think ahead at your future- because it is your’s to master, mold, create and share.


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