Wednesday, October 5

Period 2 10:10-11:10 (Biology with Barton)
Period 3 11:20-12:20
ELA: Is the following done?
**Stand By Me Questions (uploaded to your WordPress)
**Anecdote Rough Copy (MUST BE DONE)
**Self Assessment (emailed to Miss Mann)
**Peer Assessment (add Miss Man to your Google Document)
**Anecdote complete? (This should be uploaded to your
**Have you practiced a dramatic reading of your anecdote?
Media Studies: Is the following done?
**Have you finalized your video and posted it to your WordPress?
**Delaine/Mike- your video’s must be posted to your Word Press.
1)Do you know what a shutter speed it?
What happens at a high shutter speed?
What happens at a low shutter speed?
2)Do you know what aperture means?
What happens at a high aperture?
What happened at a low aperture?
3)Do you know what ISO means?
What happens with a high ISO?
What happens with a low ISO?
4)Do you know what DSLR stands for?
**Have you uploaded your Camera Sim Photos?
**Have you uploaded your Bird’s Eye View Photos and Angry photo?
(DELAINE we will watch your video as well before lunch.)
-If we have time we will continue with Globalization and Population!
Period 4 1:15-2:15
Globalization and population classroom lecture/video/notes/discussion.
Period 5 2:20-3:20
Extension of globalization and population…

(We are hoping to get access to the Rebels next week- we will do a ton of Photography! YAHOO!)

Something to make you think for the day:

CC: Taylorkoa22 (What do you think when you see this?)


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