Tuesday Plans

Greetings all,
Here are the plans for Tuesday, October 4, 2011.
Mrs. Barton and I are away today, do not fret we have left you in amazing hands with Mrs. Hankey.
Please help her in any way: Zach and Joey
(I have put you incharge of any major questions or technological issues that arise.)

Period 1 9:00-10:00 (Cree class with Mrs. Young is happening in Room 210)
Period 2 10:10-11:10 (Media Studies/Photography)
Students log into your WordPress Online portfolios.
Open a NEW POST.
Write a 5 minute QUICK FREE WRITE.
Answer and write your opinions as they relate to:
Why is social media and networking AWESOME? What can it offer?
Why is social media and networking DANGEROUS or DETRIMENTAL? What problems can arise?
Please use the WHY IS THE MEDIA SO POWERFUL books on the table by my desk.
Turn to page 22. Social Media Tools: That Save Lives
Read over as a class. Discuss. Take the time to tell stories.
Read over the following current event with students to tie this into the current situations in the world.
Vancouver Riots

Students will have the rest of the class to view one another videos.
Have Riley/Zach sit at my desk.
Each student will bring up their MacBook and show their video. The class is to provide feedback on things they like and things they think may improve them.

Period 3 11:20-12:20 (English)
Today is your final class period to fine tune your anecdote.
You have written it. You have self assessed it. You have had it peer edited and you have peer edited for others.
Well done.
Now fine tune- make sure you have a strong introduction and a tight conclusion.
You will be reading this on Thursday AM.
Period 4 1:15-2:15 (Biology) Barton will be in teaching.
Period 5 2:20-3:20 (Biology) Barton will be in teaching.

Delaine, you will be showing your NewCap video tomorrow, (Wednesday) during period 3 at 11:20.
You will have as much time as you need.
All videos are due in their finalized version Thursday. (I have given a one day extension.)
Stand By Me questions must be online.
Anecdote must be online.

Have an awesome day!


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