Digital Footprint Frenzy

What is a digital footprint?
What does it mean to have a digital footprint?
What are you putting out there?


One comment on “Digital Footprint Frenzy

  1. ‘Leave it Behind’
    It shows how all of our cloths and things we have is all from different places. Even tho we purchase things from Canada does not mean that it was actually made in Canada. A lot of things in Canada was made in China and shipped here. We import a lot of stuff because it is cheap labour and here in Canada we don’t have cheap labour so it would be easier and cost less money if we got it imported from places like China.
    This picture really shows how not everything we have is always from where live most of the time its not. It really shows and get the word across from how we are getting things from other places. Say I go to China or a different place it is very hard to find things that we made in Canada. There might be the flag or something little that we made. Places like China end up export more things than they end up importing from places around the world. Now if we were taking Canada we import more things that what we end up exporting.
    I think that it is good things that different places around the world exports there stuff around the world because you are able to have all different types of things. We are able to show others what types of things we have and are able to share them with other countries.

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