Poetry and Song go together like Milk and Cereal

Recollections and Metaphors
Who are you and where have you come from?
Reflect on this.
What has made you who you are?
In ten years what will you think of when you reminisce about your childhood?
Think about your childhood. Find a song that you relate to.
This is not about choosing your favourite song.
This is about choosing a song that you can relate to. That highlights who you are.
Like we studied in ‘Cats in the Cradle’ – sometimes there is a deeper meaning to lyrics.

This is what makes songs interesting and appealing.
There is an obvious link between poetry and music.
Chose a song you can relate to from your past 16 amazing years of life.
Upload a video to your WordPress. You can upload and embed a video from YouTube- you just may not be able to view it. Then simply write a basic paragraph, being mindful of an enticing title, an inviting introduction, a thorough body and a tight conclusion about WHY and HOW this song fits you.
Remember this Word Press will be public someday so you want to be raw, original and truthful but be mindful that others may see this in the future.
THIS IS DUE Friday, September 23, 2011.

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