Kudos, Congrats and More Partnerships

Thank you again to Penny Manners for stopping by today to pick up the secret materials for our on-going project. The donuts were delicious and the company, incredible. We are also proud to announce an adoption project with the Lloydminster SPCA that will begin in the coming months. Kudos today go out to Becci, Clay and Delaine for taking the Tweet literal last night and coming ready with independent study novels! To all of the kids- thank you for another awesome week. Mike takes off first to the spend-a-day with New Cap news and another high five to Kathy Le for making this happen. Learning about evolution and literary devices today!

2 comments on “Kudos, Congrats and More Partnerships

  1. Penny Manners says:

    What a fabulous group of students and an amazing leader. The quality of the work you are doing is awesome!! We are so happy to be a part of your class. It was great to see you yesterday đŸ˜€

    • jessiehmann says:

      You do not know how much it means to the students, myself, Holy Rosary High School and our division as a whole to have the City’s support and partnership.
      We so enjoyed your visit as always and you or anyone from the City is welcomed in any time.
      Let us know how the digital secrets are working out and what we can do to continue helping you with our special project.
      I will drop off the other USB this afternoon with the re-saved files.
      We will read your comment in class!
      Thank you again for the treats and opportunities.

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