Whirlwind Romance

What an incredibly, crazy and busy few days of the new school year. Semester 1 is well underway and projects have already begun .
We are all falling in love with our Mac’s and are excited to see what the year will bring. We are using massive amounts of technology and different programming to enhance the learning environment.
Students have been busy learning about the ‘ologies’ and scientific method in Biology and will be moving onto the structure of cells. We have completed a Photo of the day for Photography and begun blogging as well. The most exciting news of late is our growing partnerships within the community. Colin Budd with The Lloydminster Source newspaper and Kathy Le with NewCap television  will begin taking students in the next few weeks out and about into the community to cover Lloydminsters latest and greatest. Lakeland College has agreed to allow us the opportunity to use their facility and enhance our Biology experience. Talk about awesome! Last but certainly not least- Penny Manners with the City of Lloydminster was in today to welcome students to the program. Penny has so much enthusiasm that it is infectious. She brought us gifts and ideas for a HUGE project.  We can not explain details at this point and time- what we can say is that together- SGMS and the City of Lloydminster have some outstanding promotional plans in place. Below is a photo of the SGMS crew with Penny and myself, Jessie Mann.

Setptember 7 plans and information for those students who were missing today.
9:55-10:45 Bio with Barton (See Biology Page)
Students finished labeling the cell and discussed the organelle functions.
Raider Time
11:30012:20 Welcomed Penny Manners from The City of Lloydminster.
Capture the Community- City of Lloydminster Project
(Students please take the time to view the link above as you have until Tuesday to capture your place/business.
1:15-2:15 Students learned about planning a digital video properly and efficiently.
For more information view the Media that Matters page.
Videos that highlight an anti-drug and/or alcohol message will be due the first week in October.
We are excited to welcome Megan and Camerson from the Lloydminster Youth Center on Tuesday at 11:20. They will be sharing tips and tidbits with the students about the video contest they and the Lloydminster Area and Drug strategy have annouced to the community. Students will be working diligently to learn about the effects of specific substances on individuals, groups and the community.
Videos will be submitted to the Youth Center and Lloyd Area and Drug Strategy for a chance to win $500.
Commercial Wiaver
Video Contest 2011

Future Biology plans:
Unit 1- Introduction to Biology
1 Ologies
2 Scientific Method
3 Cells
4 Evolution
5 Viruses
6 Microscopes (We will be attending Lakeland College to mae use of their incredible facility throughout the latter half of the first Biology Unit)

To the students of SGMS- the more you put in, the more you will get out. The sky is the limit.
Looking forward to the rest of the week!

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