‘Can’t Judge a Photo By It Taker’

Day 2. Day 2!
SGMS is under way. Officially. Finally.
All this preparation and anticipation has come to fruition.
Susan and I are having a blast- the days end and while we are exhausted we don’t want the kids to go home. As an educator, to have students stay in your room over lunch and refuse to go on break because they are working- is a dream. Students have already completed two Biology assignments using Google Documents, Twitter and beyond. The power of media to enhance the curriculum! A big congrats goes out to all the students who did an incredible job of their first photography assignment. Kids voted on polleverywhere.com and champs selected their bags. (Check out their submissions in Photography 20)- but a huge high five to all as we were blown away by the effort put forth on a first assignment. ‘Photo of the Day’ starting this weekend, class photo tomorrow, time to amp up some English skills and digital awareness starts next week.
Students have signed up for Twitter and have begun building their WordPress’s. We are lost for words in terms of the possibilities and overwhelmed with the talents the kids possess. Proud of our crew and continued thanks for the community support. One of our students today remarked- just goes to show you- ‘Can’t Judge a Photo By Its Taker’… applies on so many levels and will lead into our plans for the weekend.

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