Did You Know?

The following are basic thoughts generated from my EC&I 808 class with Instructor Julie Machniak below.

Did you Know?
Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to using technology.
Students must learn to be confident with technology and how they can benefit from it.
Technology when integrated and used properly can enhance the learning and broaden capabilities beyond belief.

Now I am not sure how precise the facts are within this video… (I will definitely be sharing it with my SGMS students.)
What I do know is that we are preparing students for jobs that have not yet been created.
That fact is true.
Daunting… YES!
That’s right teachers- We are preparing students for jobs and a world that does not currently exist.
Building critical and creative thinking skills and helping students work through problems-
How do we do that? … That in itself is a focus for entire careers and PH. D’s…
It is possible.
“The realm of possibility exists where? In each of us!”
“We can do it. We can surprise people.” -Kevin Spacey from Pay it Forward

What have you done to change the world?
What can we do to help our students create and mold their worlds and the world beyond?

… more thoughts to come


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