Potential Projects

My head has been banging with ideas and reeling with visions- keeping me up at night.
Sidebar note: Using ambient music on my iPod to help me sleep has aided the technological furry in my brain. So many ideas are swimming in my head that they feel they bang into the sides of the pool or are being washed ashore… Ironically I cannot sleep because of the excitement of integrating technology into my practices to increase student learning and engagement- and I have to use technology to get to sleep. My how things have changed.

I digress,
Ideas for The School of Global Media Studies are finally overshadowing the fears that were first disabling effective thought processes in my brain.
My students will be stepping out into the local and digital communities to awe and impress- that I know for sure.
Some plans and brainstorming below.

1) Each student will create an Online Public Portfolio using a WordPress.

2) The ‘Incredibly Creative Pothol Project‘ is only one idea I have received from My Modern Met. I am blown away by the creativity of people and My Modern Met is a great place to showcase that. I haven’t decided if I want my students to do something similar or if we will try and come up with something unique. One thing I do know is that with all the oil business in Lloyd- there is NO shortage of potholes in our community.
-My Modern Met (check it out!)

3) Lloydminsters S.P.C.A has accepted our invitation to build a partnership! A huge thank you to Shelley Zimmerman who has agreed to work with The School of Global Media Studies students and I in a new initiative to increase adoption. Each student will be given one pet of their choosing. Each student will then spend a day at the SPCA working with the membership and staff to learn about how and why an organization like this works and is needed. They will shoot footage of their pet and create a video. This video will then be posted on their online portfolios- a Facebook page encouraging adoption will be created and they will blog and Twitter about this process. We aim to have as many dogs and cats adopted to the right homes within our community as possible. (This will fit directly without question into English/Photography/Media Studies and Social Studies) Hands on will take a whole new meaning.

4) We have worked with NewCap Television and reporter Kathy Le  as they have covered the creation and development of our program. Kathy has agreed to help facilitate and organize opportunities for each individual student to start and end a day with a reporter covering an event in the community that matters to them. Rising at the crack of dawn- students will be out of classes for the day and will shadow and get their hands dirty as they drive around town shooting footage, creating the story and then they will blog about the feelings they will get when they see it on TV at night. TALK ABOUT AWESOME!

5) The Lloydminster Source has also published stories on our students and our plans for fall. They are setting space aside to publish our works; articles and photography and have opened the doors for our students to witness paper production in a fast paced atmosphere.

6) I took my first two years of University at Lakeland College in Lloydminster. Since, I have worked for them as a contract photographer and have been able to take many of my students directly to the college to teach within their building. I have seen first hand the importance of getting students accustomed to the post secondary life while still in high school- Getting into the building and taking part in learning with University students and Professors helps not only to decrease anxiety but it gets the students excited about a world beyond high school. With state of the art Labs and new equipment we will be getting our hands dirty and experiencing new things with the Biology curriculum.

7) A day with no tech- tech tech tech… no one is more motivated to use technology and integrate it into every fiber findable… One day, (hopefully none of my students read this blog) BUT, one day (or a morning even) I want to plan activities that force us to work in a way that we are not used to and uncomfortable with. NO CELL PHONES, NO COMPUTERS… We did an activity today with a pen and large paper and were asked to define our belief’s about teaching and learning. I immediately wanted to google good ides…. Time to think of some brain stretching activities.

8)Fishbowls: Create two large circles of chairs. The inner circle can speak and comment and the outside circle can only listen. Pose a debatable question to students and have them take turns discussing and debating- switch and pose a new question to a new group. All will then blog.
Also, We could all video tape the fishbowl discussion and we could edit and create individual videos that highlights the comments we agreed with the most. Thinking on Topics: Students will research and learn about population increases and the impact on the environment (Bio/SS)…

UP NEXT- LiveBinder.com– Something to check out Monday- (Thank you Chelsey).

Off camping for the weekend…. got cut short- will post more later. Hopefully I can literally swim and get in some time away from my sloshing brain these days. Time for a break.


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