Quick Rant- Social Media

Social networking isn’t going anywhere. It is a cultural phenomenon. A paradigm movement that is so much more than a shift. The days of complete privacy are over. If someone in the middle of Africa can Google my name and find out my age and where I live. I assure you they can find you. Ignorance is not bliss and disassociation is impossible as it is inevitable that we will all be impacted in one way or another by social networking and the openness the Internet creates.  The Internet isnt going anywhere. The obsession people have with Facebook and Twitter are here to stay. I say jump on the bandwagon- that being said be sure not to fall off. Misusing social media and technology can do nothing but taint your image and even ruin your future. Millions post their latest online everyday. What is okay to post and what isn’t? Many are open to sharing pictures of their kids, ensuring domain names are available before they even chose a name for their child- while others are scared a text message will float off through space into the hands of someone unwanted. No clue. 

Technorati hosted an article on Zuckerberg: Has Zuckerberg made mistakes? Sure. Plenty of them (just look at some of his college instant message conversations). But that doesn’t make him a bad person. And just because he’s successful doesn’t make him evil or power-hungry either. Chances are, very few people really know Zuckerberg’s true character and I’d be willing to bet those criticizing his success aren’t in that category.

We are to judgmental yes. I believe that. What happened to- we learn from our mistakes? Now we judge them- post about it online and perpetuate a story about something many of us would do in the same situation. That being said we need to be critical of what we post online. Alec Couros (@courosa) introduced me to: “Google is the new resume”. When a future employer googles you- Do they get an accurate representation of who you are and what you are capable of? Maybe. Maybe not. Finding nothing isn’t acceptable either. If you have nothing- What does that tell you? Thus lies the question. Where does one draw the line? That is the framework for the new School of Global Media Studies.

In recent news:
Camera-Photo Frames-Head Phones and more- Bought, purchased and ready to go. Big thanks to Jessieca at Future Shop for making it happen today!


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