It’s Official…

The School of Global Media Studies is official.
We are in the process of ordering 22 Mac Book Airs, Canon Cameras, Mini Flips, Custom bags and more- for each student that enrolls in Holy Rosary’s newest program. Students will use technology and a product based model to construct videos, advertising, articles, blogs and applications beyond their belief. Students at completion of the semester/course will receive 6 credits. Biology 20, English 20, Social Studies 20, Photography 20 and Media Studies 20 within the School of Media. A Math 20 course will also be factored in with another teacher: other than myself or Mrs. Barton. We are so lucky to have Mrs. Barton on board with this and the support from administrators and division office is OVERWHELMING! I think my heart rate has quickened permanently. We have an incredible graphic designer out of Saskatoon, Kirk Ebert- helping us with some advertising and logo creation- we will meet with Grade 10 students (future SGMS students?) in the next two weeks during RAIDER TIME to pitch the program. May 27 we will meet with those students who wish to register. Based on numbers we will then take the next courses of action to fill 44 highly competitive positions. A parent evening will be held towards the end of June to ensure parents are supportive and understanding of what it means to be building digital portfolios/websites and posting pictures/information and videos on the web. The strands are slowly weaving into a web! BIG THANKS THIS WEEK TO KIRK for his help and the administration that has come up with an idea and supported a vision that emulates where our world is really headed. Attached is a picture developed by Alec Couros that I just have to share- it is amazing and speaks for itself. The drive to becoming as Alec has called it here, ‘a networked teacher’ is under way… and extremely exciting.

Advertising for student recruitment
Mission statements and aim
Structural components decided
Logo created
Technology ordered
Course layout and design


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